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Customer Relations

Priority issue for: NVIDIA, customers, end-users, shareholders

Although we primarily define customer relations as the role we play as a responsive and responsible supplier, we also recognize our commitment to the partners who sell our products and the end users of those products. Additionally, as we expand to sell more products directly to consumers, our responsiveness to these audiences is necessarily increasing. More information about these audiences and how we measure their satisfaction can be found on our Customer Satisfaction page.

Inquiries from our Original Equipment Manufacturer customers have increased in correlation to our mutual focus on supplier responsibility and environmental sustainability. Requests for information have predominantly related to conflict minerals, environmental compliance, quality, consumer satisfaction and ethics. We use quarterly business reviews with key customers to discuss these topics, and partner with them through the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) on various initiatives. Some customers assign points to environmental, social and governance performance in their scorecards. Customers who are EICC members monitor our performance through tools provided by the EICC such as self-assessment questionnaires, validated audit processes, and carbon and water tracking tools.

NVIDIA's Commitment as a Supplier

Our customers include some of the largest electronics, consumer brand and automotive companies in the world. Consequently, we conform to the standards outlined in the EICC Code of Conduct covering labor, environment, health and safety, ethics and management systems throughout our worldwide operations, and use it as our management approach for our supply chain. Our progress related to implementing the code is found in this report as follows:

Code Element
Management Systems
Health and Safety
Environmental Sustainability

For FY15, NVIDIA will perform a self-assessment to ensure that the policies and systems we have established for implementing the EICC Code of Conduct are effective, and that we can achieve continual improvement in our performance in all these areas.

A full list of standards and initiatives to which our Silicon Chip Operations and Board Operations participate in or comply with can be found on the Environmental Performance page. To learn more about efforts to remove hazardous chemicals from, and identify conflict minerals within, our supply chain, visit the Compliance section.