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Employee Satisfaction

Priority issue for: NVIDIA, employees

NVIDIA’s success and our ability to compete are substantially dependent on how well we identify, hire, train and retain highly qualified key personnel. The market for key employees in the technology industry can be highly competitive.

We provide information about how we recruit, acquire and retain employees on the Workforce page of this report.

A key tool we use to manage employee satisfaction is a global employee survey, which we conduct every 18 months. Survey data is delivered to each manager, and performance gaps are addressed through action plans. Employee feedback underscores a high level of engagement and pride. Data for 2013 reveal that 87 percent of employees are proud to work for NVIDIA, 79 percent would recommend NVIDIA as a great place to work, and 92 percent feel motivated to help NVIDIA succeed. More information about survey results can be found on the Workforce page.

We analyze compensation performance data primarily from Radford surveys to ensure that our employment packages are competitive. Also, to help us identify opportunities to become a leading employer, we engaged with the Great Place to Work Institute in late 2013 to benchmark our performance in several employee engagement areas.