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Impact Areas

This section recognizes and discusses key impacts across all aspects of NVIDIA's value chain.

The value chain map illustrates the primary stages during which NVIDIA adds value. Our value chain builds from the foundation of our operational base, extends through product design, development and manufacturing, and continues throughout distribution, delivery, and the use of our products around the world.

Through the value chain map, we have charted key activities and confirmed where impacts associated with Priority Issues take place. Although impacts related to Priority Issues may occur within our own operations, they can also take place in our supply chain or as our products move to market and into end use. By examining our Priority Issues from a value chain perspective, we are better able to understand the risks and opportunities associated with our business operations and the related impacts on stakeholders.

Throughout this report, we take into account the boundaries of Priority Issues in presenting a balanced picture of company performance, as illustrated in the Aspect Boundaries Table.

Value Chain Map

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Value Chain Map