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Introduction to NVIDIA
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U.S. Energy Department Awards NVIDIA $8.5M for Exascale Research
U.S. Energy Department awards NVIDIA $8.5M for exascale research. Learn more.

Priority issue for: NVIDIA, shareholders, customers, employees

Innovation is a core component of NVIDIA's DNA. Not long after the company's founding two decades ago, we invented the GPU, which rocketed us into a leadership role in the field of visual computing. Since then, we have invented and marketed a steady stream of breakthrough technologies.

And we are not standing still. We remain focused on visual computing and will continue to provide and enhance an environment where the world's best minds in this field can do their best work and keep us on the leading edge of change. Some 32 percent of our revenues ($1.34B in FY14) went to fund research & development activities, and the company currently has approximately 7,000 patents issued, allowed or filed. We believe our assets in this field of computing are unmatched.

Our products span the entire spectrum of visual computing — from fundamental inventions to processors incorporating GPUs to system components to fully integrated systems. We target four major vertical markets: gaming, design and visualization, high-performance computing & data centers and automotive and smart devices. For each, we offer a platform of processors, software, tools, marketing, expertise and increasingly, connected services. We leverage innovations that we create for these markets by selling components and licensing IP to leading OEMs that wish to create devices differentiated by rich graphics.

Patents and Proprietary Rights

We continuously assess whether and where to seek formal protection for particular innovations and technologies based on such factors as:

  • The commercial significance of our operations and our competitors' operations in particular countries and regions.
  • The location in which our products are manufactured.
  • Our strategic technology or product directions in different countries.
  • The degree to which intellectual property laws exist and are meaningfully enforced in different jurisdictions.

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