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This section outlines each issue identified in our annual Priority Process. For each of these priority issues, we discuss our management approach and related impacts across our value chain (G4-18).

2014 Priority Issues
Compliance with all applicable policies, laws, and regulation – inclusive of fines/penalties, especially as they are related to product compliance requirements.
Customer satisfaction and customer relationship management, including protecting customer privacy and data. Customers include business customers and end users of products.
Employee satisfaction, including wages, quality of the work environment, culture, work-life balance, and freedom of association.
Policies, systems, processes, and performance related to ethics within the operation, including our ethics hotline and whistle-blower protection.
The ability to innovate products, services, and/or operational practices, including through company investments in research and development. Also encompasses issues related to the protection of intellectual property.
Policies and practices with regard to overall supply chain management, including auditing.
Publicly sharing information about corporate responsibility efforts (policies, progress, level of disclosure), including external assurance of disclosures and direct stakeholder engagement.

To learn more about the process we undertake annually to determine our Priority Issues, see our Strategy section.

2014 Priority Issues Matrix

2014 Priority Issues Matrix