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Social Impact

Making a difference in the world is one of NVIDIA's core values. Our impact is tangible in myriad ways, and grows as we spread our wings.

NVIDIA technology has opened up new horizons in entertainment, health care, transportation, space exploration, and many other social and scientific arenas. Through strong partnerships with leading universities around the world, we help researchers break new ground and build a more diversified workforce of GPU experts and professionals. And through our charitable and volunteer work, we empower individuals and change lives.

Social Impact of the GPU

NVIDIA awakened the world to the power of computer graphics more than two decades ago when it invented the GPU. Since then, GPUs have been used to treat disease and seek cures, predict tsunamis, tackle energy efficiency, and address hundreds of other complex social and scientific problems. GPUs break down multidimensional computing problems into many smaller tasks that run concurrently, which makes them well suited for the toughest jobs. Explore the numerous ways that GPUs impact lives in our Social Impact of the GPU website.

University Relations and Partnerships

NVIDIA has forged close relationships with many of the world's most respected universities and research institutions. Through NVIDIA Research, our university partnerships explore challenging topics on the frontiers of visual, parallel and mobile computing and extend essential support to research projects. The numerous links between NVIDIA and academia allow us to collaborate with leading researchers, attract top talent through our internship and new graduate hiring programs, and continue to build connections with professors and research facilities that are working to solve the world's most complex scientific challenges.

NVIDIA Foundation and Community Engagement

We seek to expand our role in the communities where we work and do business through volunteerism, corporate giving, educational initiatives, health-focused programs and social innovation. Beyond their immediate impact on communities, our efforts also have longer-term objectives. We inspire the next generation of innovation through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education support, strengthen our business network by involving our partners and suppliers, enhance our standing in the communities in which we operate, and increase employee health, enthusiasm and morale. Our employees drive all our community efforts, which creates a culture of engagement. Employee ownership of the company's philanthropic activities lets our workers support with passion and creativity the causes that matter to them. Learn more about NVIDIA's efforts in the community.

Reversing Cognitive Decline with Video Games
One of the world's leading researchers in age-related brain deterioration is using GPUs to create video games that use neural feedback to improve cognitive function as a game is played. Learn more.