• 2014 CitizenShip Report
  • Social Impact on GPU
  • NVIDIA Foundation

Priority issue for: NVIDIA, shareholders, government

We value and prioritize transparency across our entire business. In this report, the discussion of transparency relates specifically to sustainability issues

Our annual Global Citizenship Report provides detailed information about the steps we are taking toward greater sustainability and transparency in our business operations. We report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 at its “Core” level. The GRI provides a framework for us to increase our transparency annually. Over the past four years, we have enhanced our GRI adherence by moving from a C to a B+ level, which was verified through a GRI check in 2013 for the 2013 Global Citizenship Report. This 2014 Global Citizenship Report marks our transition from the G3 to the G4 version of the GRI Guidelines.

We rely on our annual Priority Issues analysis process to accurately identify the topics of highest concern to stakeholders and guide the content selection for this report. To further meet our objectives to be transparent and accountable, we have engaged Trucost to ensure the integrity of our global greenhouse gas data. We also publish dashboards of key workforce and environmental metrics to provide stakeholders with a snapshot of our performance.

We share data directly with customers, researchers and shareholder groups throughout the year.

NVIDIA has been actively working in priority areas to address business risks. As a result, we have increased our external positioning through ratings and rankings such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and Newsweek Green Rankings.

In 2013, we applied for inclusion into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Although we did not secure a spot on the Index, we plan to submit again in 2014. The feedback from DJSI (Robeco SAM) provides us with a valuable analysis of where we can improve our sustainability performance.