Goals and Performance

This section provides information about our environmental, social, and economic performance in 2014 and our goals for 2015.

Introductory letters from our Chief Executive Officer and our Executive Vice President of Operations provide an overview of NVIDIA’s contributions as a company and how our business strategies meet the needs of the marketplace.

Our Priority Issues analysis helps us to determine which areas are most important for us to address in the coming year. Within those areas, we have established three sustainability objectives, as follows:

Link to Priority Issues
Drive operational efficiency and excellence
Customer Relations, Innovation, Supply Chain Management
Improve employee recruitment and retention
Manage corporate responsibility risks and reputation
Customer Relations, Compliance, Transparency

2015 Goals

Our 2015 goals and tactics for achieving them are included below:

Risks and Reputation
Update and launch updated NVIDIA Code of Conduct
Communicate conflict mineral program improvements in Form SD
Maintain inclusion in Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America
Operational Efficiency and Excellence
Align the Product and Social Compliance teams under the newly formed Operations group. Establish a unified set of procedures for monitoring our suppliers’ product and social compliance.
Align with Operations management teams for our systems-critical suppliers, memory suppliers and printed circuit board manufacturers to ensure response to our quarterly scorecards, self-assessment requirements and VAP audit schedules.
Improve product compliance documentation for system-level products.
Transition our GPUs away from claiming RoHS Exemption 15.
Survey the systems-level supply chain to identify RoHS compliance risks and initiatives.
Perform an internal audit of the conflict minerals due-diligence process to prepare for the SEC-required external audit in 2016.
Achieve a response rate of greater than 90 percent on the Conflict Minerals Report Template for all approved suppliers.
Recruitment and Retention
Launch diversity and inclusion plan, communicate on
Implement tracking for measures progress across diversity metrics of hiring, retention and turnover

2014 Goals and Progress

This chart shows our progress toward the goals we set for 2014.

Priority Issue
Present sustainability integration plan to key executives (Q1).
We agreed on objectives (stated above) and corresponding initiatives. We analyzed shareholder reports (MSCI, Oekom, RobecoSAM and Sustainalytics) to uncover gaps in performance and used the results to identify initiatives within priority areas.
Participate in Dow Jones Sustainability Index process (Q2).
We accomplished this goal. NVIDIA is now included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America.
File Form SD to disclose NVIDIA’s status in identifying the source of conflict minerals in its products.
We filed the report, which can be accessed here. We also engaged a supply chain management software solution to better track supplier and smelter relationships and status.
Supply Chain Management
Silicon Products
Conduct labor and ethics assessment of NVIDIA operations as part of our compliance to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition.
We completed the assessment. See Supplier Responsibility for results.
Collect carbon and water data for 100 percent of Tier 1 suppliers.
We accomplished this goal.
System Level Products
Implement a new manufacturing parts database to better identify the status of parts with respect to social and environmental compliance initiatives, and to support engineering teams in making design decisions in relationship to these initiatives.
The project is expected to be completed in June 2015
Employee Satisfaction
Engage Great Place to Work Institute in a cultural benchmarking assessment to learn how to better link NVIDIA culture with employee perceptions.
Assessment completed. Feedback suggested that we do better to articulate our unique culture to current and prospective employees through better storytelling
See our Workforce Metrics page for a detailed view of the measures we use to track our success
Set new global greenhouse gas emissions goals.
We set new greenhouse gas reduction goals for global office and data center energy usage. We have committed to a 15 percent greenhouse gas reduction, normalized per employee, by FY2020 (using FY2014 as baseline).
Set new global data center energy reduction goals (see Environment for details).
Our data center goals were folded into our overall greenhouse gas reduction commitment.
Set new waste reduction goals for our Santa Clara, Calif., campus (see Environment for details)
We have committed to maintaining an 80 percent solid waste landfill diversion rate per year through 2016.