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Talent Development

NVIDIA is a dynamic, fast-paced environment where we strive to give employees the opportunity to develop and grow. We have a flat organizational structure that encourages innovation and rewards individual contribution — and we promote from within wherever possible. All of these factors have contributed to our ability to attract and retain top talent.
College Coaching
Through our College Coach program, we make an investment in our employees’ children’s futures, providing employees access to college counselors and other services related to education.

Our employees receive training on the job, as well as in more formal settings. In response to employee feedback, we are expanding educational programs. We have reinstated our tuition reimbursement program and corporate paid tuition to programs at the Stanford Center for Professional Development. We’ve also invested in corporate memberships to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Association for Computing Machinery, and we will make their educational libraries available to our employees.

In 2010, NVIDIA promoted approximately 20 percent of our workforce, which is higher than prior years, reflecting an enhanced focus on talent development. Of 1,209 promotions, 33 were promoted to the level of director or above, and 894 (73 percent) were from minority classes. Ten percent of the women in our organization were promoted in 2010.

As a further step to ensure we retain our talent, we created an internal job board so that employees could see opportunities across the company and use it to better plan their development and career path within NVIDIA.

Pay and Benefits
NVIDIA’s compensation and benefits packages reflect our commitment to attracting and retaining a talented workforce. Benefits are similar in different locations, but are administered on a country-by-country basis to comply with local government regulations.

NVIDIA's compensation philosophy is centered on four key objectives:
  • Attract and retain: We want to attract the world's best talent—and we want to retain them. That means treating employees fairly when it comes to compensation.
  • Reward performance: We believe outstanding employee performance should be recognized and rewarded. Rewards encourage employees to meet business goals, inspire them to perform at their best, and help keep NVIDIA competitive.
  • Focus on growth: We want our employees to feel invested in NVIDIA's success, so we encourage them to take ownership through equity programs. With our focus on company growth, we believe that stock ownership offers our employees outstanding value.
  • Think total pay: We look at base pay as just one component of employee compensation. By focusing on total pay we can offer employees a broad range of benefits.

As part of our focus on total compensation, we provide employees with a higher-than-average benefits package, which includes health, life and disability benefits, employee assistance, discounts, medical leave, and more (see NVIDIA benefits for more information).

A key aspect of our compensation program is focused on making employees shareholders in the company through the provision of restricted stock units to all employees, as well as a generous employee stock purchase plan (ESPP). During the past year, 86 percent of employees participated in our ESPP, which brought an average return of approximately 91 percent of funds (as a percent of contribution) invested into the program by employees.

In response to employee requests for greater insight into compensation, we created a new internal website with educational resources and tools to ensure that employees understand their total pay as well as how performance is linked to pay.

Work-Life Balance
Dog Day Hockey
Employees stay active and connected through clubs and charitable events.
We have a high-performance culture that expects strong contributions from all members. As a community, NVIDIANs are hard-working, committed and have a powerful drive to succeed.

Employees get the recognition and compensation they deserve for giving their best, especially in times of need. At the same time, we recognize that people have lives outside of work. As much as possible, we try to support employees and their families with comprehensive benefits to help them lead healthy, balanced lives.

We know that achieving work-life balance can be hard, especially in a hard-driving culture such as ours. That is why we monitor how our people feel about their work-life balance on our employee survey and try to make regular improvements company-wide.

Our employees consistently rate us above industry average when it comes to supporting them and their efforts to achieve work-life balance. Our commitment to a healthy balance is reflected in our benefits, which include programs to help employees deal with stress and time-management challenges, flexible work hours, professional time off, and an array of convenient onsite services. Our employees are supported in their important life events through our global Employee Assistance Program and a generous leave program.

Our goal is to hire the best and brightest in the industry, no matter who they may be or where they live. We value a diverse workforce, not only for the breadth of perspective it provides but also because we believe it enhances our competitive position. We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all employees and applicants as stated in our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and our Code of Conduct.

The level of diversity at NVIDIA is representative of the technology and engineering industries as a whole. Roughly three-quarters of NVIDIA employees are engineers, a field that is historically male-dominated. We seek to address gender imbalances in the technology and engineering fields through strategic grants offered as a part of our community engagement efforts, as well as support through programs aimed at increasing the numbers of women and minorities in engineering.

2010 Diversity Snapshot
2010 Diversity Snapshot
*Self-disclosure of ethnicity is not typical in some countries where we operate.

In 2010, most technology companies experienced an uptick in turnover as hiring began to return to pre-downturn levels and availability of high-caliber talent and skill-sets remained scarce. In this extremely competitive climate, NVIDIA experienced a slight increase in turnover, from 8 percent to 11 percent, though we remain well below the general turnover rate of 16.6 percent (as reported by Radford Surveys). Our voluntary turnover rate is 9 percent, which is less than the technology industry.

Turnover by Region
Below 1%
Turnover by Gender
Turnover by Age
20-30 Years
31-50 Years
51+ Years
Below 1%
*These figures were calculated by taking the number of people terminating in each classification, divided by total population.

Local Community
At NVIDIA, we value the opportunity we have to build and grow in local communities. In our offices outside the U.S., we hire locally as much as possible. Nearly all senior leaders in our international offices are local hires. Expatriates are considered only in rare cases where there are specialized or expert needs that cannot be met by local hires. As a reflection of our commitment to local hires, expatriates make up less than 1 percent of our workforce outside the U.S.

Freedom of Association
As part of our membership in the EICC, we recognize employees’ right to bargain collectively. We require our suppliers to develop programs to comply and drive improvement based on the EICC Code of Conduct, and we meet with them quarterly to review progress.