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Rendering your Reality
Rendering your Reality

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NVIDIA Iray for Revit


The BIM IQ Render application from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope lets designers simulate their creations using real-world materials and lighting directly within Autodesk Revit. With Iray for Revit, architects can visualize their designs throughout the project lifecycle. Materials and lighting built upon NVIDIA Material Definition Language match the real world within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) project. This provides an up-to-date view into the design while enabling near seamless exchange with presentation specialists using Iray for 3ds Max, Iray for Maya, and Iray for Rhino.


Iray for Revit features

  • Utilizes all supported GPUs and CPUs within the machine, with user control of resources
  • Physically based path-trace rendering within Revit's 3D viewport provides accurate preview of final results while adjusting scenes
  • Progressive rendering provides interactive feedback during scene edits
  • Optimized sampling for accurate caustics
  • Fast Depth of Field for smooth interactive adjustments
  • Irradiance rendering for measuring artificial and natural illumination
  • Interactive updates (in 3D View) upon adjusting light parameters and position
  • Physical Sun and Sky System
  • Supports native Revit photometric lights and IES profiles
  • Real-world units of lighting attributes for accurate simulation
  • Physical sun and sky system
  • No slow down from adding additional light sources
  • Interactive updates (in 3D View) upon adjusting scene materials
  • Physically based materials using an intuitive layering approach leveraging the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL)
  • Extensive material flexibility, including subsurface scattering, thin film, gem, etc.
  • Use ready to assign materials from an extensive library of real-world materials
  • MDL material saving for building custom, shareable libraries
  • MDL import and export for sharing materials between different Iray applications or MDL compliant renderers (e.g., mental ray)
  • Direct support of Autodesk Revit materials for imported families
  • Direct support of native Autodesk Revit materials
  • Verified material library to confidently represent real-world results
  • Continual feedback with progressive rendering of final results after scene adjustments
  • Interactive tone mapping for quickly achieving desired exposure and white balance
  • Iray Server support for efficient, scalable offline rendering
  • Interactive Iray Server support for streaming from an external machine
  • Quadro VCA support for remote interactive rendering with linear scalability
  • Optional on-demand, third party cloud rendering service