AccelerEyes is the software shop for CUDA & OpenCL. We make ArrayFire, a fast software library for GPUs and accelerators. Also, our services team helps organizations to GPU-enable their applications and to train their teams on CUDA & OpenCL.


Altair accelerates compute-intensive processing with hybrid GPU parallelization for our market-leading CAE application, RADIOSS. Visit us in NVIDIA’s booth to hear how innovative hybrid parallelization using multiple GPUs and MPI dramatically reduces runtime for certain classes of compute-intensive workloads. Offloading intensive computations on the GPU and using heterogeneous computing with optimized workload management improves performance; users also benefit from simplified, accelerated access to compute resources via cloud portals.


Eurotech manufactures supercomputers that lead for performance, energy efficiency, reliability and density. Visit us at NVIDIA booth to experience a working demo that exemplifies Aurora direct hot liquid cooling on the G-Station, the ultimate GPU based departmental supercomputer that squeezes top performance in a silent and compact “cube” and allows divisions and SMEs to accelerate their business without the need of a controlled data center facility.


"Applied Parallel Computing Center" specializes in:

  • Implementation of hybrid super-computing technologies
  • Hybrid cluster distributed access systems implementation
  • Heterogeneous computing software creation, CUDA development
  • Porting various computational tasks to parallel architectures with full adaptation of code, optimization of computing tasks, training and consulting in programming of massively parallel processes
  • Mathematical models and computational algorithms
  • Intellectual automation systems
  • CUDA consulting and education
  • Remote education

FluiDyna offers integrated soft- and hardware solutions in the sophisticated discipline of GPU-based HPC for renowned customers. Its company name is its agenda: R&D in Computational Fluid Dynamics account for the company's core expertise. FluiDyna represents a NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider.


NICE delivers Technical Cloud Software and Solutions to customers worldwide, optimizing and centralizing HPC and visualization resources and empowering distributed and mobile Engineering and Scientific users to run batch and interactive 3D applications anywhere, over any network.


Founded in 1985, PNY Technologies has over 25 years of excellence in the manufacturing of a full spectrum of high-quality products for everything in and around the computer.

PNY Technologies has a long history of providing designers, engineers and developers with cutting-edge NVIDIA® Quadro™ and Tesla™ Solutions. PNY understands the needs of its professional clients offering professional technical support and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction.

Based on the revolutionary architecture of massively parallel computing NVIDIA® CUDA™, the NVIDIA® Tesla™ solutions by PNY are designed for high performance computing (HPC) and offer a wide range of development tools.

In 2012 PNY Technologies enhances its presence and offer in the HPC market becoming the European distributor of TYAN® servers based on NVIDIA® Tesla™ processors.