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ION-based Notebooks Reviews

Lenovo IdeaPad S12
“The wait is almost over. Nvidia’s ION graphics for netbooks will be available inside the new Lenovo S12 come August for $499. That’s only $50 more than the version that will ship with Intel’s wimpy integrated graphics.
…ION will be a disruptive technology in the best possible sense of the term.”
“Lenovo did itself a solid by beating the likes of Acer and ASUS with its Ion-infused IdeaPad S12….
…despite the fact that it's hobbling along on an aged CPU, the machine seems to handle 3D gaming and 1080p content with poise.”
- Engadget
“The IdeaPad S12 joins the ranks of “netbooks” that should probably be classified as ultraportable notebooks. The full-sized keyboard, 12″ display and ION graphics mean that the S12 is fully capable of being a primary computer for those with basic needs.

…these capabilities sure are amazing considering where the netbook and sub-$500 notebook market was just a year ago.”
“The super-cute Lenovo IdeaPad S12 just earned the title of most powerful 12" Netbook. Thanks to its NVIDIA Ion chipset, the IdeaPad S12 can play 1080p HD content at full speed on its 12" display or an HDTV (via HDMI). That erases one of the main critic regularly thrown at Netbooks: they can't play video right. Most importantly, it can run recent games like Call of Duty 4 or the Sims 3 (and DX10 titles) at interactive speeds while these games don't work at all on traditional Netbook graphics like Intel's 945G.”
- Ubergizmo
“Lenovo, as rumored, is first out of the gates with a netbook based on Nvidia's Ion chipset, and it's a hell of a promising start: this 12-inch netbook promises the whole HD-playing, game-conquering Ion experience for around $500.
The resulting performance isn't independently mind-blowing, offering smooth 1080p video decoding, including accelerated h.264 playback, Blu-ray playback and moderate gaming capabilities, but put into the context of existing Atom netbooks, it's a revelation.”
- Gizmodo
“With the integration of the ION chipset, the Lenovo IdeaPad S12 now gets a significant boost in gaming performance as well as H.264 decode acceleration (and Blu-ray support), transcode acceleration (with CUDA-based applications) and more.”
- PC Perspective
“Another aggressive move by Lenovo is its newest Netbook. At 12 inches, it's on the large side for a Netbook, but it also comes with the option of discrete graphics with Nvidia's Ion processor. The option of serious graphics on a Netbook makes the case that this is intended to be used as everyday computer, not just as a companion device, as some other Netbook models have been pitched.”
- Crave (CNET)
“For Lenovo’s IdeaPad S12, the Nvidia Ion platform is expected to be a big draw. Intel’s Atom processor isn’t suited for high-definition video or gaming, which restricts netbooks to just email, word processing and web browsing.”
“Despite Intel’s moaning NVIDIA’s ION platform does mark a significant step forward for the budget desktops and netbooks
Integration of ION enables the S12 to handle full 1080p High Definition playback so helpfully you’ll find an HDMI output…”
- Trusted Reviews - UK
“Anyone sick of the poor graphics performance on netbooks – and with high hopes for NVIDIA’s ION platform – would do well to take note of Lenovo’s latest offering.
…[ION] finally bring[s] decent graphics performance to the diminutive little devices.”
- Bit-tech - UK
“Just when we were ready to accept netbooks’ stuttery HD video playback, along come NVIDIA and Lenovo to change our expectations.”
- CNET Crave – UK
“It shows how powerful even this tiny device can be when equipped with ION – you can simply do the same things you expect from your ordinary PC.”
- IDG - Poland
“The netbook will be the first device built on NVIDIA's Ion-platform, which is the first time good graphics is brought to this class.”
- Golem - Germany
“Instead of the now-moldy Intel 945G (SE) chipset, the NVIDIA ION platform finally is used in the Lenovo S12, which consists of a chipset with integrated GeForce 9400M graphics solution. This choice allows full-resolution playback of HD movies.”
- – Germany
“It is the first netbook with ION, showing its advantages versus Intel integrated graphics chipsets in this segment. Among them, play games, HighDef playback, acceleration of applications through CUDA.”
- Muycomputer – Spain
“It’s display is 12.1 inches wide, but what does make the difference without any doubt is the NVIDIA ION chipset, that gives a solution to a bunch of lacking features regarding HighDef video (and graphics in general) in this netbook segment.”
- Xataka - Spain
“The NVIDIA graphics chipset allows the IdeaPad S12 to get 10 times better performance than Intel chipsets, being able to reproduce full HD and play some 3D games.”
- Exame Informatica – Portugal
“The brand new system is much more powerful, than mini laptops with Intel inside.”
- RU.Formator (Russia)