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Linux Display Driver - IA32


Version: 1.0-7167
Operating System: Linux IA32
Release Date: March 11, 2005

Release Highlights

  • Support for GeForce 6200 with TurboCacheā„¢ GPUs
  • Improved OpenGL workstation performance.
  • Added support for XRandR rotation; see Appendix W in the text README.
  • Added ExactModeTimingsDVI X config option to give explicit control over the mode timings used on Flat Panels.
  • Added Xorg dlloader support.
  • Changed driver behavior such that PAT (Page Attribute Table) is used where possible instead of MTRRs.
  • Added a workaround for an X server bug with PCI-E GeForce 6800 and GeForce 6600; a fix has been provided to XFree86 and XOrg.
  • Fixed stability problems on x86_64 PCI-E systems.
  • Fixed 2D rendering corruption on certain older GPUs.
  • Improved compatibility with Linux 2.6 kernels.
  • Fixed compatibility problems with some SWIOTLB em64t systems.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered error messages of the form: "ioctl32(doom.x86:6747): Unknown cmd fd(16) cmd(c0384642){00} arg(ffffc75c) on /dev/nvidiactl"
  • Fixed NvAGP incompatibility with recent Linux 2.6 kernels.
  • Improved interaction with the udev filesystem.
  • Improved performance of PCI cards on Linux 2.6 systems.
  • Updated documentation. Please see the text README file.

To download and install the drivers, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Review the NVIDIA Software License.

You will need to accept this license prior to downloading any files.

STEP 2: Download the Driver File
Download - 

SuSE users: please read the SuSE NVIDIA Installer HOWTO before downloading the driver.

STEP 3: Install
Type "sh" to install the driver,  then edit your X config file as appropriate. If you are using a Linux 2.6 based system, type "modprobe -q agpgart", first. See the text README for more detailed instructions.

If you have any questions or problems, please check the linux discussion forum. If you don't find an answer to your question there, you can send email (in English) to

    When emailing, please attach an nvidia-bug-report.log, which is generated by running "".