The Fastest, Easiest Way to Build Media-rich Handheld Devices

NVIDIA® MobileMedia is an open multimedia ecosystem based on NVIDIA GoForce ® handheld graphics processing units (GPUs). This ecosystem delivers high-quality TV, games, music, and video on wireless handheld devices. MobileMedia’s integrated approach to providing software, silicon, and content empowers device manufacturers to rapidly build content-rich, cost effective handheld devices and operators to efficiently rollout the next-generation services.

MobileMedia Functional Pipelines
The MobileMedia Windows Mobile solutions is based on Windows DirectX architecture, where the primitive pipelines strictly follow the DirectX programming model and open GPU capabilities via DirectX APIs for applications and use cases. You can build your base platforms around MobileMedia and roll out design clones by simply selecting functional pipelines to drive the features, and choosing the GPU to drive the performance. A similar design approach can be adopted to derive design derivatives and revisions.
Functional Pipelines
Smart Business Sense
  • Open standards and end-to-end solutions
  • Top industry suppliers and domain experts
  • Begin early, finish faster, prolong production
  • Ready use cases and proven system setups
  • Reduced learning curve and negligible adaptation costs
  • Multiple markets, services and revenue channels

    MobileMedia Advantage
  • Accelerated Multimedia Codecs
  • Accelerated Graphics
  • Ringtones
  • Device Drivers
  • TV-Out
  • Video Telephony and Conferencing
  • Digital Mobile Television
  • Streaming Playback