NAB 2012



Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth #SL9215, South Hall

Monday, April 16
9 am – 6 pm

Tuesday, April 17
9 am – 6 pm

Wednesday, April 18
9 am – 6 pm

Thursday, April 19
9 am – 2 pm


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We couldn't be more excited about this year's show. Across the show floor, you'll see that GPU computing is rapidly transforming digital content creation with more than 40 solutions driven by NVIDIA Quadro® or NVIDIA Tesla® professional GPUs.

We're showing a number of demos in the NVIDIA booth that all take advantage of GPU computing. You can see how NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology accelerates a range of applications, including effects in Autodesk Maya, live video encoding from Elemental Technologies, 3D motion graphics and editing in Adobe Creative Suite 6, and film grain management with Cinnafilm Dark Energy.

You can also see a booth video tour by clicking here.

The NVIDIA Booth

Accelerate 3D motion graphics and editing with Adobe CS6 and NVIDIA professional GPUs
The just-announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium with acceleration from NVIDIA Quadro® and NVIDIA Tesla™ professional GPUs gives you unprecedented power and interactivity. Motion graphics and realistic 3D geometric text and shapes that would take hours to create can now be completed in minutes in Adobe After Effects® CS6. And effects that used to render a few frames per second now run at full speed in Premiere Pro CS6. Learn more about GPU-accelerated features in Adobe CS6.

Accelerate rendering with Chaos V-Ray RT and NVIDIA professional GPUs
The revolutionary interactive rendering engine from Chaos Group, V-Ray RT GPU, is now capable of harnessing the speed and performance of NVIDIA CUDA® parallel-processing technology. V-Ray RT GPU is an interactive renderer that uses both the CPU and the GPU to provide nearly instant real-time feedback on how a rendered image would look while changing settings such as materials, lighting, and camera options. Learn more about Chaos V-Ray.

Accelerate finishing with Cinnafilm Dark Energy and NVIDIA Maximus technology
Cinnafilm Dark Energy is now certified on NVIDIA Maximus technology and is exclusivly accelerated by NVIDIA CUDA. You can now add or remove film grain, scale images, and perform motion-estimated and phase-corrected standards conversion much faster than ever before. Customers such as Bandito Brothers use Dark Energy with DSLR footage to add film grain back into the images. Learn More about Cinnafilm Dark Energy.

Accelerate encoding with Elemental Technologies and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
GPU-accelerated encoding allows multiscreen content delivery to any IP-connected viewing device. The Elemental Live 150 Series packs high-performance video processing and throughput in either a rack-mount or desktop form factor, allowing you to output streams for multi-camera angle viewing. Learn more about Elemental Live.

Accelerate animation with Autodesk Maya and NVIDIA Maximus technology
We will be showing a technology demonstration of GPU-accelerated particle fx in Autodesk Maya. We use NVIDIA's Maximus technology to efficiently simulate numerous materials, including fluid, while simultaneously rendering into Maya's viewport with OpenGL. This shows how Maya users can work with fx and simulation while remaining completely interactive.

Accelerate media applications with the Perceptive Pixel 27” multi-touch monitor
This new desktop-sized display uses a new technology to provide a high-resolution display in a unique form factor. Perceptive Pixel systems use an NVIDIA Quadro 6000 to power their graphics for the best performance and fidelity. Learn more about Perceptive Pixel multi-touch monitors.

10-display VizEngine scalable video wall
This video wall shows rich real-time 3D graphics rendered from one instance of VizRT on a Z800 powered by NVIDIA QuadroPlex. This is a significant improvement over the cluster of hosts that have historically been required to drive walls of this complexity. Learn more about Vizrt VizEngine.

GPUDirect for Video Parnters

The following leading manufacturers of video I/O boards are supporting NVIDIA's GPUDirect for Video technology. What that means is that they are incorporating our technology into their own solutions to enable low-latency transfer of video to the GPU for processing and back out again. That matters a lot if you have an on-air graphics application or any app where the throughput of video matters, because it lowers the latency from perhaps seven to ten frames to as few as two. It also has a benefit for any application that outputs SDI video, like when an editor pushes the spacebar to start playout of a clip.

AJA Video Systems, (Booth #SL3305) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective digital video interface, conversion, acquisition and desktop solutions supporting the professional broadcast and post-production markets. AJA is incorporating NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video in its I/O hardware.

Bluefish444 (Booth # SL9309), manufacturer of high-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, has also announced immediate availability of an extension to its Windows 7 64-bit SDK to support NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video. The extension to the Bluefish444 SDK is available for the entire range of Bluefish Epoch video cards.

Deltacast (Booth #SL 8006) recently announced support for NVIDIA® professional graphics processing units (GPUs) available as an official extension of their VideoMasterHD OEM SDK. The SDK extension is now available in release v5.09 of VideoMasterHD on Windows 7 64-bit, and leverages NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video.

DVS (Digital Video Solutions; Booth # SL6815), is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardware and software for broadcast, digital film and video post production, including the Atomix HDMI, the ultimate video I/O card for handling high resolution video, and the Atomix LT two-channel 3G I/O video card. These DVS Atomix video cards now support NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video via a new SDK.

Matrox (Booth #SL5115) is a market leader in the field of HD and SD digital video hardware and software, providing technology that powers a full range of content creation and delivery platforms used by broadcasters, post facilities, corporate communicators, videographers and A/V professionals worldwide.

GPU-Accelerated Applications at NAB

AccuWeather StoryTeller (Booth #SL6820)
StoryTeller, an interactive touchscreen system created by AccuWeather, engages viewers by
putting all the elements of breaking news, sports, traffic, and weather literally at the presenter’s fingertips. StoryTeller presentations are truly multi-media, and regularly feature graphic images, movies, and web and social media content. NVIDIA's Quadro SDI Capture card provides StoryTeller with its impressive video capabilities, including support for up to four simultaneous live video inputs. Learn more about AccuWeather Story Teller

Adobe Creative Suite 6 (Booth #SL 2624)
Adobe is demonstrating its upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software accelerated with NVIDIA Quadro pro graphics, including NVIDIA Maximus technology, to accelerate Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 and Photoshop CS6. Adobe will highlight its new NVIDIA GPU accelerated 3D ray tracing feature in After Effects CS6. It simplifies and accelerates the motion graphics workflow like never before with a powerful new 3D compositing pipeline that employs ray tracing for uncompromised image quality. Creative pros can now incorporate extruded and beveled text and shapes directly within After Effects CS6, integrate their rendering with its native layers, and eliminate the traditional time-consuming back and forth with external 3D tools. Adobe’s new “Ray trace 3D” renderer leverages the NVIDIA® OptiX™ ray tracing engine for rendering realistic materials, accurate reflections, soft shadows, depth of field, and motion blur. The new ray tracing becomes truly interactive, delivering final frames up to 27x faster when using NVIDIA GPUs, as compared to dual hex-core CPUs alone.1 Adobe Creative Suite 6 software continues to feature the NVIDIA CUDA™-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro, providing up to an 8x performance boost2 for fast video editing. Adobe After Effects CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 will also be demonstrated in the NVIDIA booth (#SL9215). Learn more about Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve 8.2 (Booth #SL220)
NVIDIA Maximus-certified Davinci Resolve offers multi-GPU NVIDIA CUDA acceleration on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. In particular, Resolve offers real-time noise reduction that’s only possible using CUDA processing, in addition to a number of image processing functions that are CUDA accelerated. Learn more about Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve.

Chaos V-Ray RT (Booth #SL9215)
Chaos Group is constantly working to ensure they are creating the best tools for their customers’ workflows. Their industry-leading V-Ray rendering engine now offers support for NVIDIA CUDA. With CUDA, V-Ray RT is now capable of better harnessing the speed and performance of NVIDIA GPUs. This provides higher reliability and performance, and more rapid GPU support than before while providing the responsive experience users have come to rely upon in V-Ray RT. Learn More about Chaos V-Ray.

Cinnafilm Dark Energy (Booth #SL9215)
Cinnafilm Inc., the world leader in GPU-based Standards Transcoding, noise reduction, and film simulation, is demonstrating their Dark Energy Professional image texture management and optimization software platform in the NVIDIA booth, showing how professionals can accelerate its full potential using NVIDIA Maximus technology. Learn More about Cinnafilm Dark Energy.

Elemental Technologies Live 150 Series (Booth #SU10012)
Elemental Technologies, a leading supplier of video solutions for multiscreen content delivery to any IP connected viewing device, is demonstrating a high-performance solution for live event production in the NVIDIA booth, featuring the new Elemental Live 150 Series powered by dual NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. The Elemental Live 150 Series packs high performance video processing and throughput in either a rack mount or desktop form factor, allowing live event producers to output streams for multi-camera angle viewing. Learn more about Elemental Live.

Eyeon Fusion (Renaissance Suite)
eyeon Software Inc. offers a complete line of image processing and management applications that utilize NVIDIA GPU technology to provide massive processing power for VFX finishing of feature films, stereoscopic and broadcast production. The eyeon Software Fusion 3D renderer is now running on CUDA, offering incredibly fast performance and cementing Fusion’s reputation as one of the fastest, most comprehensive postproduction applications available. Learn more about eyeon Fusion.

GenArts Sapphire (Booth #SL2205)
GenArts, Inc.  provides robust visual effects tools to the industry’s leading artists across every major host application. Their popular Sapphire line of plug-ins, which are GPU-accelerated to leverage NVIDIA CUDA, now support NVIDIA Maximus technology. Industry pros who rely on Sapphire to streamline their workflows can now look forward to the highest levels of productivity while creating visual effects within their video editing or compositing software.  Learn more about GenArts Sapphire.

Harris Inscriber G8 and TitleOne AE(Booth #N2502)
Harris, which serves government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries, is demonstrating new features in both its Inscriber G8 and TitleOne AE live graphics systems. Inscriber G8 is built for high-end graphics creation, and utilizes the NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 professional GPU with NVIDIA CUDA™ technology to significantly reduce channel hardware density for a greatly reduced footprint (2RU), lower power consumption and improved performance and clip playback scalability for the execution of high-caliber, complex 3D graphics and animations. The TitleOne AE improves on previous-generation TitleOne graphics systems by adding a high-performance NVIDIA Quadro 600 professional GPU and enhanced processing for maximum flexibility, offering sophisticated graphics creation features for real-time single-channel HD/SD or SD-only 2D-in-3D graphics. Learn more about Harris Inscriber G8 and TitleOne.

Marquise Technologies (Booth #SL9109)
Marquise Technologies creates high-end solutions for the post-production industry. At NAB, they’re demonstrating a new real-time debayering engine, Mosaic, for use with ARRIRAW, Phantom and Adobe DNG Converter, accelerated and processed exclusively with NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs. By harnessing the tremendous processing power of NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA, Marquise Technologies is able to use increased computational complexities in their proprietary debayering algorithms without the fear of bandwidth or processing bottlenecks. This adds additional accuracy when bringing an image from the RAW realm into the RGB world, all in real-time. Learn more about Marquise Technologies.

Perceptive Pixel (Booth #SL9215)
Perceptive Pixel, a recognized leader in interaction design, is demonstrating its 27-inch professional-grade, ultra-high-resolution, multi-touch desktop LCD in the NVIDIA booth. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and SDI capture cards help Perceptive Pixel deliver state-of-the-art multi-touch interaction, providing the best possible graphical touch experience. Learn more about Perceptive Pixel.

Quantel Pablo (Booth #SL2415)
Quantel, is an international leader in content creation systems for broadcast, post, and digital imaging, with systems installed at broadcast facilities and post houses worldwide. Its new Pablo color correction software takes advantage of multi-GPU processing, ushering in the next generation of non-linear color correction. Quantel will be demonstrating new Pablo accelerated with NVIDIA Maximus technology, which enables the highest frame rates and most productive finishing workflows—it’s a perfect color correction and finishing solution for colorists working with HD, 2K, 4K and stereoscopic 3D video and film. Learn more about Quantel Pablo.

The Foundry NUKE & NUKEX (Booth #SL9724)
The Foundry will be showing a tech preview of some new nodes that will be featured in an upcoming NUKE release, based around the new 'Blink' image processing framework. The tech preview will include some of our most processor-intense and algorithmically complex nodes, which run much faster on the GPU than on the CPU. This gives the artist interactive feedback that was previously not possible. Although the framework supports other GPUs, the new NUKEX GPU acceleration will only run on NVIDIA hardware. Learn more about NUKE and NUKEX.