Chameleon Demo
The changing skin of a chameleon is no match for the number of effects possible with the GeForce3 nfiniteFX engine. See the wide range of skin treatments on the chameleon as it makes it's way up a vine of shading effects. The walking motion of the chameleon is accomplished with nfiniteFX Vertex Shaders. The skinned model is manipulated through a 25-bone skeleton. The skin surface of the chameleon obtains a new level of realism through nfiniteFX Pixel Shaders. Combining color maps, specular maps, and reflection maps, Pixel Shaders give a multitude of possible skin treatments—enough to make a real chameleon green with envy.

This demo is now available for download. Before you begin, make sure you have a GeForce3 GPU in order to run it. Enjoy!
ChameleonDemo ( 45 MB ) — Requires a GeForce3 Ti or better.
Chameleon Video  MPG(9.8 MB)
Chameleon Wallpaper ( 1.4 MB )

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