Grace Demo
Enjoy the balance of dynamic physics and robotic grace as you watch the dancer. She dances fast or slow and even pauses, while the cloth and bubbles whip and flow around her.

The dancer uses NVIDIA’s nfiniteFX II Engine to add motion to her body, bumps to her face, sparkles to her dress, and variation to the bubbles. Her body animates and bends using Vertex Shaders, freeing the CPU to calculate the cloth and bubble physics.

The second-generation Pixel Shaders of the nfiniteFX II Engine are used to add her reflective engravings and give detailed bumps to her face. Point sprites are used for the bubbles and 3D textures are used for animating the sparkles on her dress.

This demo was the result of several efforts. Special thanks go to Domi Piturro who conceived and directed the original off-line rendered dancer piece upon which “grace” is based. The original piece was featured at Siggraph 1998. Special thanks also to Havok Inc. who provided the physics engine used for the cloth and “pony tail” physics.
GraceDemo ( 21 MB ) — Requires a GeForce4 Ti or better.
Grace Video  MPG(5.2 MB)

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