Washington State
Convention Center
Freeplay PC Area (Level 6)


Friday, Aug 26
Exhibits: 10AM-6PM
PC Freeplay: 10AM to 2PM

Saturday, Aug 27
Exhibits: 10AM-6PM
PC Freeplay: 10AM to 2PM

Sunday, Aug 28
Exhibits: 10AM-6PM
PC Freeplay: 10AM-6PM

Get Fully Loaded - Pax West: August 26-28
Experience Everything. Sacrifice Nothing. Play Fully Loaded.
Get yourself “Fully Loaded” to experience this year’s hottest games on the PC!

Visit us in the PC Freeplay Area on Level 6 at PAX Prime to experience the unreleased, highly-anticipated game, Battlefield 3, the way it’s meant to be played: On “Fully Loaded” PCs featuring two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580s in SLI, provided by Maingear.

Enter the daily 12v12 single player tournament to win some great prizes – a grand prize winner will be selected each day. These Fully Loaded systems are also available every day for free play so you can polish your tactics. Visit the PC Freeplay Area on Level 6 for details.

Other Ways to Win with NVIDIA at PAX Prime

Didn’t get to school the other kids at Battlefield 3? Don’t fret – there are other ways to win:

1. Are You My Match?
It’s not a love connection, but it’s darn close. Here’s what you do:
A) Look for an NVIDIA tattoo sticker in your show bag and wear it.


B) Find an NVIDIA staffer (bright green t-shirts) located at one of our partner booths and see if your tattoo number matches the t-shirt number.
NVIDIA Fully Loaded

C) If your numbers match, both of you come to the PC Freeplay Area on level 6 to redeem your prize. Prizes include 3D Vision Kits, GeForce GTX 550 graphics cards, game codes, PC gaming peripherals, cooling systems and more!

2. Wear It Proud!
Were you lucky enough to score an NVIDIA shirt or hat from previous contests? As long as it has an NVIDIA logo, wear it! NVIDIANs will be roaming around PAX (and even out around Seattle at night) searching for people proudly sporting our logo, new or old. No gear? Tattoo stickers or body paint will do too… Get randomly selected to be handed a prize ON THE SPOT.

3. The “Golden Ticket”
Look inside your show bag and see if you are one of five lucky winners to receive a fabulous prize…just because! What you win is listed on your “golden ticket” and prizes can be picked up in the PC Freeplay Area on level 6.

4. Random Contests…Just Because We (and You) Are Sick in the Head
Random shenanigans for giggles and prizes located in the PC Freeplay Area on level 6. Seriously. Just stop and listen for announcements on what to do next to win.

Thank You To Our Partners
All around the PAX Prime, you’ll find our partner booths - including system builders, graphics card manufacturers, memory suppliers, case manufacturers, peripherals, game publishers, and more – all here to show you why playing on a PC is absolutely the best gaming experience on Earth, and just how easy it is to buy or build your own fully loaded gaming system, no matter what your budget is.


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