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GeForce 8100 mGPU

The NVIDIA® GeForce® 8100 motherboard GPU provides DirectX® 10 to everyone. Enjoy Windows Vista™, today’s popular games, and much more.

The NVIDIA® GeForce® 8100 motherboard GPU brings new graphics technologies to everyone. Enjoy Windows Vista™ and today’s popular games with DirectX® 10, and turbo-charge your GeForce GPUs with GeForce Boost for amazing graphics performance. All at an exceptional value.

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DirectX 10 for Everyone
Get DirectX 10 at an affordable price to start experiencing Windows Vista, the games you've been waiting to play and better overall multimedia fun.

Turbo-charge your GeForce GPU
Turbocharge the performance of your GeForce GPU. Plug it into a GeForce 8100 motherboard to enjoy GeForce Boost and enhanced graphics performance.
Give your graphics a GeForce boost
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