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Project Inspire 2008



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Each year NVIDIA Corporation foregoes the usual holiday party and invests that money into a community project, which has come to be known as Project Inspire. This year we partnered with William Overfelt High School in East San Jose, CA, to bring high impact changes to the school’s campus.
On Saturday, December 13, 1,000 NVIDIANs and Overfelt students swarmed the campus to tackle several academic and visual projects, such as painting three new murals, building 75 computers, landscaping and creating a brand new volleyball court.
NVIDIA employees also designed and implemented a multimedia studio and classroom with state-of-the-art equipment so the student’s could learn to speak visual. NVIDIA’s partner in this project is the Adobe Foundation, which will implement its signature global philanthropic program, Adobe Youth Voices, in the new facility.

Enjoy photos from the day here.
Vito Chiala, the principal of Overfelt High School, said, “The commitment by NVIDIA employees to the improvement of our school and community is nothing short of inspirational,” “More important than the actual improvements is the impact on the students -- they will learn from professionals the importance of serving the community, and that it is possible to be committed to your career and to make the world a better place.”
Commenting on the impact of the project and the potential for global impact, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, commented, “Imagine what the combined holiday party budget of every company in the world can do for humanity.”