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NVIDIA GeForce Go Powers the Sharp Actius RD3D


TWIMTBPGroundbreaking 3D Visualization

Sharp introduces the world's first autostereo 3D notebook: the Actius RD3D. Featuring Sharp's TFT 3D LCD technology, the Actius RD3D makes eye-popping 3D visuals possible, while still providing the standard flexibility of 2D viewing for spreadsheets, photo editing, or e-mail.  Learn More > >

NVIDIA GeForce4 Go Graphics

In order to provide the advanced visual processing power for 3D applications, the Actius RD3D comes equipped with the NVIDIA® GeForce™4 440 Go graphics processing unit (GPU) with 64MB of dedicated graphics memory.


The GeForce4 440 Go delivers awesome performance and an unmatched feature set that includes a host of video enhancements and power management—via the NVIDIA PowerMizer™ mobile technology—along with high-resolution antialiasing to deliver amazing detail and performance for all applications.

The Actius RD3D makes advanced 3D visualization possible with a vast array of applications and markets including CAD and other design applications, drug discovery, medical imaging, mapping/GIS, oil and gas, entertainment, advertising, broadcasting, electronic books, and others.

Learn More About the Actius RD3D > >