Speeding Diagnoses

Improving Diagnosis

Inaccurate diagnostics can lead to a faulty diagnoses and cause fear among patients. If a radiologist can get a better view of an aberration on the screen, they can more quickly diagnose and speed people to wellness.

Naked-Eye Stereoscopic Imaging Provides Precision Medical Diagnosis - When images from CT and MRI are viewed stereoscopically in real time, physicians can check the state of diseased tissues and make diagnoses without biopsies and surgery. It may eventually even make it possible for several physicians to perform arthroscopic surgery together, with each surgeon able to visualize the operation in real time. The speed and accuracy with which images are rendered is critical to make a proper diagnosis, and University of Tokyo’s department of Mechano-Informatics has found much success in using the GPU to accomplish this objective. In fact, NVIDIA’s GPU was at least 70 times faster than the latest generation of multi-core CPUs. GPUs are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in today’s medicine. Learn More.
Breast Cancer Detection Achieves Greater Contrast - By using Techniscan’s system with NVIDIA’s GPU computing technology, radiologists can perform a complete ultrasound scan and see the results within a 30-minute patient visit. This eliminates the delay in test results so patients and doctors have a fast and efficient device that can be relied upon to deliver results at the pace of modern medicine. Learn More.

University of Antwerp Speeds Medical Imaging Development - Researchers at the Vision Lab at the University of Antwerp have created a desktop supercomputer using eight NVIDIA GPUs, which gives them a 350X speedup when computing 3D reconstructions of internal organs and skeletal systems. This enables them to use advanced, computationally intensive algorithms that lead to shorter scanning times and faster time to discovery for diseases such as osteoporosis. Learn More.

Acceleware helps Boston Scientific Improve Modeling and Simulation - Acceleware, who provides a proprietary simulation solution featuring NVIDIA GPU computing technology, enabled engineers at Boston Scientific to speed up their simulations by a factor of up to 25x. NVIDIA’s parallel GPU architecture dramatically reduced the time required to test various designs as each engineer’s desktop workstation now has the compute power of a cluster. Learn More.

Better X-rays Lead to Better Diagnoses - Due to the improvement of digital X-ray technology, CT systems can now handle more X-ray projections than ever before which allows medical personnel to see these larger images more clearly and diagnose with greater accuracy. North Star Imaging used NVIDIA GPUs to improve image reconstruction while reducing costs. Learn More.