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The NVIDIA Quadro® performance gives us the power we need to raise the overall viewer experience. Injecting graphics, live-action stats, and action details-allowing broadcasters and event managers to set themselves apart from the competition and retain loyal audiences. The combination of real-time rendering and easy-to-use tools is taking us to the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, the PGA Championship, and NBA Playoffs-we're the winning technology on all playing fields.

Marvin White, Chief Technology Officer, Sportvision

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Sportvision Sportvision

Sportvision provides interactive solutions that personalize the viewer experience and provide branding opportunities across all forms of broadcast, interactive, and wireless media. The Challenge

Broadcasters display the yellow 1st and Ten™ line in televised football games.
Increasingly broadcasters and consumers are demanding more visually compelling effects to entertain and inform.

The Solution

Live broadcast solutions using NVIDIA graphics technology include: 1st & Ten™ (virtual yellow first-down line), behind-the-plate ads, RACEf/x (on-screen car performance data), GOLFf/x (highlights key elements of play on greens/fairways), and K Zone (virtual strike zone and pitch tracking).

The Impact

Sportvision is able to provide increased value to broadcasters including ABC, ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports, and Turner Sports (NASCAR, NFL, MLS, PGA TOUR), among others. The broadcaster passes ultimate viewing entertainment and pleasure to consumers.

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Images courtesy of Sportvision.