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The NVIDIA Customer Care website is designed to

  • Support our device drivers
  • Support products that we sell directly to end-users
  • Answer pre-sales questions about NVIDIA technology

There are many companies that use NVIDIA technology to create their own graphics cards, motherboards, and other products. While they all have chosen NVIDIA's technology as a core component of their solutions, each of them implements our technology differently and, therefore, it is not possible for us at NVIDIA to directly support these products.

To obtain support for such products, please contact the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. For your convenience, a partial list of our partners and customers can be found here.

Drivers Up-to-Date?

Many times, if the issue has to do with NVIDIA's GPU, you can usually solve them by making sure your drivers are up-to-date. Download the latest driver here.

However, if you have a notebook computer, you must typically get driver updates directly from the manufacturer of your notebook. Notebook graphics cards are highly specialized and the reference drivers provided on the website may not work unless indicated.

Get Your Answers Faster!

Our research over the past year shows that 99.7% of the questions submitted here already have answers in our knowledgebase, available 24x7 with no waiting here.

NVIDIA will review other question submittals on a best case basis, but cannot guarantee a response.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,
NVIDIA Customer Care