NVIDIA Unified Stable Image
NVIDIA Unified Stable Image NVIDIA Unified Stable Image
NVIDIA Unified Stable Image lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) with a single image across PC configurations and generations, simplifying deployment and maintenance of PCs in your organization. NVIDIA Unified Stable Image offers seamless forward and backward compatibility with previous and future PC generations.

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Featured Products

Dell OptiPlex 740

Dell™ OptiPlex™ 740 PCs
The energy-efficient and fully customizable Dell OptiPlex 740 can scale to suit your business and is supported by a full set of relevant features and technologies. Customized deployment, remote management and flexible security features can help you simplify your operations and increase your productivity while still providing great value.

NVIDIA Business Platform

NVIDIA Business Platform Certified PCs
NVIDIA Business Platform™ Certified PCs lower total cost of ownership for your organization. Through a comprehensive certification and testing program and NVIDIA Unified Stable Image, NVIDIA delivers the quality, stability, and manageability that IT managers demand in a stable image platform.