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    NVIDIA product manager Justin Walker discusses the GeForce 8800 Ultra GPU and the definitive gaming platform.
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  • High Definition Demo Collage

    See all the GeForce 8800 demos in High Definition. (720p 122MB)

  • The Definitive Gaming Platform

    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GPUs and NVIDIA nForce 600 Series MCPs

  • Windows 7

    Get ready for Windows 7 with NVIDIA graphics processors. Learn more.

  • PureVideo HD

    Learn about PureVideo® HD technology—essential for the ultimate HD movie experience on a PC.

  • Extreme HD

    Go beyond standard high definition (HD) and experience Extreme High Definition (XHD).

Technical Briefs

Technical Brief: Microsoft DirectX 10: The next generation graphics API
Microsoft’s release of DirectX 10 represents the most significant step forward in 3D graphics API since the birth of programmable shaders. Completely built from the ground up, DirectX 10 features a highly optimized runtime, powerful geometry shaders, texture arrays and numerous other features that unlock a whole new world of graphical effects. The GeForce 8800 GPUs are the world's first DirectX 10 compatible GPUs and this paper describes DirectX 10 features and how the Geforce 8800 architecture brings them to life. (800K PDF)

Technical Brief: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GPU Architecture Overview
NVIDIA’s powerful GeForce 8800 GPUs are the industry’s first fully unified architecture-based DirectX 10 compatible GPUs that delivers incredible 3D graphics performance and image quality. Gamers will experience amazing Extreme High Definition (XHD) game performance with quality settings turned to maximum, especially with NVIDIA SLI® configurations using high-end nForce 600i SLI motherboards. This paper describes key GeForce 8800 GPU features and internal architecture. (3.6MB PDF)

Technical Brief: Lumenex Engine: The new standard in GPU image quality
The Lumenex engine is implemented in the new GeForce 8800 GPUs and it was designed with one goal in mind: to provide the highest image quality with the lowest performance impact. New antialiasing, anistropic filtering, and high dynamic range (HDR) rendering technologies are discussed in detail. (580K PDF)