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The GeForce Go 6 Series of GPUs
  NVIDIA GeForce® Go® 6 graphics processing units (GPUs) empower a complete line-up of the industry's latest notebook PCs: from ultraportable thin & light to performance & multimedia solutions to enthusiast-class solutions. Representing the most advanced handheld GPUs in the industry, the GeForce Go 6 Series delivers a groundbreaking suite of innovations to the notebook platform, including exclusive support for Microsoft® Direct X® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 for unparalleled 3D and 2D visual effects. Other unique features include a home-theater style video experience powered by NVIDIA's PureVideo™ technology, long battery life with NVIDIA's PowerMizer® 5.0 technology, and the industry's most advanced graphics architecture for incredible performance. 

NVIDIA Demo: Nalu the Mermaid Enthusiast
  GeForce Go 6800
Setting new standards for performance, visual quality, realism, and video functionality on notebook PCs, the GeForce Go 6800 GPUs power the most advanced enthusiast-class notebook PCs available.
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NVIDIA Demo: Timbury the Bug Looker Performance & Mainstream
  GeForce Go 6600
The GeForce Go 6600 GPUs combine great battery life with unparalleled multimedia features and performance for the ultimate in feature-rich portability.
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NVIDIA Demo: Clear Sailing the Pirate Ship Multimedia Mainstream
  GeForce Go 6400
Experience the turbocharged performance of multimedia features in a compact form factor powered by the GeForce Go 6400 GPUs.
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NVIDIA Demo: Clear Sailing the Pirate Ship Multimedia Thin & Light
  GeForce Go 6200 with TurboCache
The GeForce Go 6200 GPUs turbocharge performance on ultraportable and thin & light notebook PCs, delivering a perfect balance of power and portability.
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GeForce Go 6100 NVIDIA Notebook Chipset Solutions
  GeForce Go 6100/6150
The NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100/6150 GPU and the NVIDIA nForce Go 430 MCP are an ideal solution for low-cost notebook PCs with long battery life.
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