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GoForce 2100


The NVIDIA® GoForce® 2100 handheld graphics processing unit (GPU) lets mobile handset manufacturers rapidly integrate embedded cameras and color graphics into existing and new product designs. The GoForce 2100 handheld GPU enables OEMs to easily incorporate high-end multimedia capabilities into products without having to redesign and re-qualify the entire handset. The resulting savings in production and development costs enable OEMs to deliver high-resolution color graphics and camera handsets at a price point that is appealing to consumers.

The GoForce 2100 offers handset manufacturers one of the first powerful hardware acceleration engines for 2D graphics, supporting LCD screen resolutions up to 320x240 pixels. The GoForce 2100 also provides increased embedded memory size for higher screen resolutions, more vivid colors, and JPEG compression. The 64-bit graphics engine with double buffering for 176x220-resolution produces unrivaled graphics performance for better game playing and other applications.

Key Features
  • 160KB of embedded memory
  • Advanced power management features maximize battery life
  • Flexible flat panel (LCD) interface connects to a wide variety of panel types and sizes
  • Flexible host CPU interface connects to a wide variety of host CPU's