NVIDIA GoForce 4000
Mobile Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for Advanced Mobile Devices

Today's mobile devices are evolving into complete multimedia devices where voice capabilities are just one of many different features. From high-resolution digital photography to full-motion video and interactive games, mobile phones are now used for a myriad of multimedia applications. The NVIDIA® GoForce® 4000 mobile graphics processing unit (GPU) delivers megapixel digital photo resolution, full motion video playback and capture, richer graphics, better display quality, and longer battery life for the most advanced, multimedia-rich mobile devices.

The GoForce 4000 offers a host of advanced features for mobile devices, including support for three megapixel image capture, high-quality 30 frames per second video capture and playback, accelerated graphics for gaming, video conferencing, and NVIDIA® nPower™ technology that enables all these multimedia features while optimizing performance and minimizing the impact on battery life.

Key Features
  3 Megapixel Camera Support
High-resolution camera support makes it possible to capture photographic quality images with your mobile device that can be printed in the standard 8 x 10 inch size.

  8x Digital Zoom
High-quality digital zoom allows users to get close-up photos, and brings camera phones up to par with standalone digital cameras. When paired with a high-resolution camera, this feature allows you to “zoom in” on an object while maintaining high image quality.

  MPEG-4 and H.263 Codec
Enables full motion video record (encode) and playback (decode) on your mobile device, including video-on-demand, camcorder capabilities, streaming video playback, and video conference calling. Dedicated hardware filters offer high quality playback of this video content.