Available now at a Cingular Wireless store near you in the United States! The MOTORAZR V3xx powered by the NVIDIA ® GoForce ® 4800, delivers entertainment without limits, together with optimized power performance.

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Mobile Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for Advanced Mobile Devices
The mobile phone of today is evolving into a full-fledged multimedia device where voice is just one of many different capabilities offered. From high-resolution digital photography to full-motion video and interactive games, mobile phones are now used for a myriad of multimedia applications.

NVIDIA® GoForce® 4800 GPU delivers dazzling 3D graphics, multi-megapixel digital still images, video capture and playback, and extended battery life to advanced mobile devices. NVIDIA GoForce mobile GPUs offer a host of advanced features, including a state-of-the-art 3D processor for immersive gaming, 3 megapixel image capture, VHS-quality video capture and playback, and NVIDIA® nPower™ technology that enables multimedia features while minimizing impact on battery life.

Key Features
  Geometry Processor
The integrated geometry processor performs complex transform and setup calculations, while offloading the main CPU in the mobile device. The geometry processor enables rich 3D applications to run extremely fast while consuming minimal power.

  Programmable Shader Technology
NVIDIA GoForce 4800 is the first 3D core with programmable shader technology for mobile devices. This desktop-class graphics technology delivers stunning photorealistic images and allows you to play games with complex scenes and lifelike characters on your mobile device.

  NVIDIA nPower Technology
NVIDIA’s unique approach to maximizing battery life when your device is in standby mode and when you are playing games, making movies, or taking pictures. nPower technology utilizes a host of optimizations—on-chip processing, an innovative architecture, multiple mobile GPUs, and dynamic clocking—to minimize power consumption in active modes.