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    Scalable Solutions for Servers and Workstations with NVIDIA nForce Professional
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  • PCI Express

    Designed to support PCI Express, NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs offer the most configurable PCI Express implementation.

  • Single-Chip Architecture

    Industry's only server single-chip architecture is ideal for blade and rack applications requiring low power consumption and small board footprint.

  • NVIDIA® ForceWare® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

    Delivers a proven record of compatibility, reliability, and stability across our NVIDIA drivers such as Ethernet and Storage.

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NVIDIA nForce Professional


NVIDIA nForce® Professional media and communications processors (MCPs) enable a high-performance, scalable architecture providing advanced features for AMD Opteron™-based servers and workstations. Engineered for the demands of enterprise environments, NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs enable scalable, reliable, high-performance computing solutions for AMD Opteron-based server/workstations.

NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs combine PCI Express (PCIe), Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, and legacy I/O on a single chip that scales from the entry single socket server/workstation to advanced multi-socket server designs. The Professional line of core logic solutions is designed to enable unprecedented reliability, availability and serviceability features while lowering customers' cost of ownership with the industry's only single chip server/workstation core logic solution.

Additionally, NVIDIA nForce Professional supports NVIDIA® SLI™ technology for high-performance, multi-GPU workstation.

Available Models

NVIDIA nForce Professional 2000 Series
NVIDIA nForce Professional 3000 Series

NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs for Servers   NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs for Workstations
NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs for Servers   NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs for Workstations
High performance, scalable architecture for AMD Opteron™-based servers.   Engineered for high-performance, NVIDIA® SLI™-based workstation platforms.
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