Additional Info
  • PCI Express

    Designed to support PCI Express, NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs offer the most configurable PCI Express implementation.

  • Single-Chip Architecture

    Industry's only server single-chip architecture is ideal for blade and rack applications requiring low power consumption and small board footprint.

  • NVIDIA® ForceWare® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

    Delivers a proven record of compatibility, reliability, and stability across our NVIDIA drivers such as Ethernet and Storage.

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NVIDIA nForce Servers

NVIDIA nForce® Professional media and communications processors (MCPs) unleash the full potential of your AMD Opteron-based servers. Engineered for the enterprise with advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability features. NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs are based on a high-performance, scalable architecture delivering industry leading networking and I/O performance, and yet consume little power so you can have performance without breaking your budget.

Available Models

NVIDIA nForce Professional 3600 MCP
NVIDIA nForce Professional 3400 MCP
NVIDIA nForce Professional 3050 I/O companion chip
NVIDIA nForce Professional 2200 MCP
NVIDIA nForce Professional 2050 I/O companion chip

Key Features:

  • Industries most integrated AMD Opteron Core Logic solution including PCI Express, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, and Legacy I/O on a single chip
  • Highest performance Ethernet and PCI Express Connectivity
  • Low power design with small footprint optimized for power constrained rack and blade designs
  • Designed for RAS with support for Advanced Error Reporting, IPMI 2.0 & Enclosure Management
  • Scalable architecture enabling 1P Opteron Systems all the way to 8P and beyond utilizing common building block architecture
  • NVIDIA SLI Technology exclusively enabling premium dual graphics workstation performance
  • Support for all major Linux® and Windows® O/S