Technical Briefs


 Technical Brief: NVIDIA CineFX Shaders
The latest generation of NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs) ushers in a new age of cinematic visual effects.

 Technical Brief: Enhanced Video Processing Engine
Learn about the enhanced technologies driving the NVIDIA video processing engine in the attached technical brief. (476KB PDF)

 Technical Brief: PowerMizer
Read about the latest advances, features, and technologies of NVIDIA's mobile power management technology. (808KB PDF)

 Technical Brief: High-Precision Graphics
GeForce FX GPUs deliver studio-quality on the desktop PC. Take a look at the inner-workings of the technologies driving this revolutionary advancement in the attached technical brief (4.9MB PDF).

 Technical Brief: AGP 8X
This technical brief details the benefits of the latest AGP 3.0 enhancements and NVIDIA's plans for its adoption. (2.24MB PDF)

 Technical Brief: Digital Vibrance Control
Today, people spend more time than ever in front of a computer display, and as a result, platforms must deliver the highest-quality visual experience while minimizing eyestrain.

 Technical Brief: nView Multi-display Technology
Read about the cutting-edge combination of hardware and software features of NVIDIA's revolutionary nView multi-display technology in the attached technical brief (250KB PDF).