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Specialty Products
NVIDIA Quadro® FX family offers a variety of specialty products that meet the needs of demanding workstation professionals:

NVIDIA Quadro® SDI solutions are ideal for broadcast, video, and film professionals engaged in editing; compositing and color grading of digital intermediates; creation and broadcast of virtual-sets; and compositing high-quality graphics into live sports, weather, and news broadcasts. These graphics-to-video-out solutions deliver uncompressed 12-bit SDI from programmable graphics, enabling a direct connection to standard broadcast equipment such as displays, routers, switchers, video and digital recorders, and large-venue SDI projectors.

NVIDIA Quadro G-Sync is an option card that delivers frame lock/genlock functionality to unprecedented levels of industrial realism, visualization and collaborative capabilities. NVIDIA Quadro G-Sync can be combined with NVIDIA Quadro FX ultra-high-end solutions to provide advanced multi-system visualization and external signal synchronization for film and video environments.