South Bridge Chip supporting Ultra DMA 133, SPDIF, USB 1.1 Host controller

Product Overview

The M1535D+ provides the best desktop system solution. The M1535D+ integrates AC-Link Host Controller, Hardware SoundBlaster Pro/16 compatibility, Host Signal Processing (HSP), software modem solution, ACPI support, green function, 2-channel dedicated UDMA/ATA-100 IDE Master controller, 2 USB controllers, SMBus controller, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse controller, the Super I/O (Floppy Disk Controller, 2 serial port/1 parallel port) support and Fast IR into one chip.

The built-in I/O in M1535D+ is an advanced Super I/O controller containing all of the basic IBM PC, XT, AT peripherals. It incorporates three full function universal asynchronous receiver/ transmitters (UARTs), a flexible high performance internal data separator with send/receive 16 byte FIFOs. It is also suitable for notebook computers since it has Fast Infra Red for wireless communications with other devices. It can swap the floppy drives A & B. It supports SPP, PS/2, EPP and ECP parallel port. It also has a programmable baud rate generator. It has high performance power management for the FDC, UART and parallel port.

The built-in audio in M1535D+ is an advanced PCI audio accelerator providing wave table synthesis, DirectMusic, DirectSound, and DirectSound3D for the high performance, cost-sensitive consumer market. It also supports full Sound Blaster compatibility and is fully PC¡¦98/PC¡¦99 compliant. The M1535D+ Audio, combined with a standard AC¡¦97/AC¡¦98 Codec, provides better than CD quality audio with sound-to-noise ratio of > 90 db, up to 48 KHz sample rate, full duplex audio with independent playback and recording sample rate, 6-channel mixer and optional 3D surround sound enhanced output. In the legacy DOS game environment, the M1535D+ audio accelerator provides SoundBlaster Pro/16 compatibility, OPL2 and OPL3 emulation, and 1 to 8 MB of general MIDI music through the MPU 401 compatible interface. With built-in support of the legacy mode analog game port, the M1535D+ audio can replace all the functions of a wave table based legacy audio ISA card. In addition, the M1535D+ supports consumer audio digital interface (SPDIF) to connect external digital audio equipment.

The M1535D+ will provide the AC¡¦97 2.1 compliant digital controller interface for third parties (such as the AMC Codec¡¦s vendor) to enable the software modem solution. The M1535D+ provides 4 separate telephony bus master channels. One for modem output, one for modem input, one for handset input, and one for handset output. The M1535D+ supports the Modem on-demand variable sample rate transfer, power management, wake-up, and caller ID string transmission.

The M1535D+ will support the security feature such as the platform firmware protection. The M1535D+ also provides the ability to meet the Legacy-Free and Legacy Reduction specification of PC2001.