PCI Express South Bridge Chip

Product Overview

Featuring PCI Express, the newest high-performance and low-cost I/O interconnect architecture, the M1573 is the highest integration south bridge solution between PCI-Express Link bus, PCI bus, and peripheral buses for personal computer systems.

The M1573 integrates a High Definition (HD) Audio/AC'97 Host Controller, 2-channel dedicated Ultra-66/100/133 IDE Master controller, SATA Host Controller, USB 2.0/1.1 Host controllers, IO APIC controller, as well as 1/10/100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet MAC layer and PCI Express interface. Additional features include Host Signal Processing (HSP) software modem solution, ACPI support, green function, and Real Time Clock.

The built-in SATA host controller supports up-to 4 SATA ports; each supports SATA 1.0, 1.5Gbps data rate, SATA II feature and AHCI.
By incorporating USB 2.0 host controller with the data transfer rate up to 480 Mb/s, the M1573 provides the most advanced connectivity for higher performance USB devices. 8 USB ports are supported with 1 USB 2.0 EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface) controller and 3 USB 1.1 OHCI controllers.

The built-in Audio solution in the M1573 is an advanced PCI HSP audio controller with Scatter-gathering DMA fully supported. The M1573 Audio is compliant with standard AC'97 and its successor HD Audio. 6 audio playback channels for PCM_out L/R, Surr L/R, Center and LFE, dual PCM inputs and dual microphone inputs are supported on AC-Link, while 6 independent output streams and 5 input streams are supported on HD Audio Link.

Each HD Audio stream can have 8/16/24/32-bit samples at rate from 8kHz to 192kHz, with channel numbers from 1 to 16.

The 100BASE-TX/10Base-T Fast Ethernet MAC is fully compliant with PCI Spec. 2.3 and IEEE802.3u. The MAC provides a direct interface to the PCI local bus and direct connection to the PHY/transceiver via MII/RMII interface. As a controller, it is bus master capable. The MAC also supports auto-negotiation function that enables it to detect speed and duplex automatically. The MAC provides the Power Management capability that is compliant with the Network Device Class Power Management Specifications Rev 1.1, ACPI Specifications Rev 2.0, and the PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specifications 1.1. In addition, it can support remote wake-up capability to power up a remote sleeping station on the network.

The M1573 also provides the best power management solution. The M1573 incorporates ACPI support, deep green function, and 2-channel Ultra DMA-33/66/100/133 IDE bus master controller, all into one 31mmx31mm BGA (Ball Grid Array) chip.


High Integration South Bridge

  • Integrated with Audio, HSP Modem, LAN, USB, and IDE, M1573 is a high integration bridge between PCI Express, PCI and Peripheral Buses for Desktop and Notebook Systems.

PCI Express Interface

  • Low-overhead, low-latency communications
  • Comprehend different data types and ordering rules
  • Power Management

PCI Interface

  • Supports PCI Master and Slave Interface
  • PCI spec. 2.3 compliant
  • PCI Power Management Interface spec. 1.1 compliant

Provides Steerable PCI Interrupts for PCI Device Plug-and-Play

Serial ATA Host Controller

  • Supports SATA 1.0 (High Speed Serialized AT Attachment, Revision 1.0a), 1.5 Gb/s data rate

Enhanced DMA Controller

  • Provides 7 Programmable Channels, 4 for 8-bit

Interrupt Controller

  • Provides 14 Interrupt Channels
  • Independent Programmable Level/Edge Triggered Channels
  • Integrated IO-APIC capability\
  • Counter/Timers
  • Provides 8254 Compatible Timers for System
  • Timer, Refresh Request, and Speaker Output Use

Serialized IRQ Supported

  • Quiet/Continuous Mode
  • Programmable (Default 21) IRQ/DATA Frames

Build-in Real Time Clock

  • Common calendar year with leap year compensation
  • Binary or BCD data representation
  • 12/24 hour mode
  • Daylight saving time option

PMU Features

  • Full Support for ACPI and OS Directed Power Management
  • Full Support for Instantly Available PC feature
  • CPU SMM Legacy Mode and SMI Feature support
  • Full Support of Clock Control Functions
  • Supports I/O Trap for I/O Restart Feature

USB Interface

  • One EHCI USB 2.0 and three OHCI USB 1.1
  • Host Controllers for supporting up to eight USB ports

Low Pin Count (LPC Rev1.1) Interface

  • Supports LPC interface for legacy devices
  • Supports 2 Master/DMA devices
  • Supports firmware memory cycles with up to 16 byte read

Audio System

  • Intel HD Audio compliant: enable DVD audio, streaming video, Internet phone communications as well as auto switching and detection of audio devices
  • Fully Plug-and-Play PCI controller and software

HD Audio Controller

  • Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) compliant
  • 6 generic output stream DMA Engines
  • 5 generic input stream DMA Engines
  • CORB/RIRB support
  • Immediate command/response interface support

Software Modem Interface

Provides AC'97 2.3 compliant digital controller interface for third parties (such as the AMC Codec's vendor) to enable the software modem solution.

1/10/100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet MAC

  • Provides 1/10/100 Mbps Medium Access Control (MAC) controller for the best solution of the phone-line/Ethernet LAN connectivity
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX, IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T standard

628-Ball (31mmx 31mm) BGA Package

Download M1573 Product DM