Super Single Chip for AMD AthlonTM 64 Processor

Product Overview

The M1689 is ULi's new generation super single chipset that offers a high-performance, the highest integration and cost-effective solution for AMD Hammer microprocessor PC systems.

The M1689 integrates AGP8X controller, AC-Link Host Controller, 2-channel dedicated Ultra-66/100/133 IDE Master controller, USB 2.0/1.1 Host controllers with 8 ports in total, IO APIC controller, 1/10/100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet, SATA, and HyperTransportTM Technology Link interface. Additional features include Host Signal Processing (HSP) software modem solution, ACPI support, green function, and Real Time Clock.

By incorporating USB 2.0 host controller with the data transfer rate up to 480 Mb/s, the M1689 provides the most advanced connectivity for higher performance USB devices. 8 USB ports are supported with 1 USB 2.0 EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface) controller and 3 USB 1.1 OHCI controllers.

The built-in Audio solution in the M1689 is an advanced PCI HSP audio controller with Scatter-gathering DMA fully supported. The M1689 Audio is compliant with standard AC97 CODEC and supports 6 audio playback channels for PCM_out L/R, Surr L/R, Center and LFE, dual PCM inputs and dual microphone inputs.

The 100BASE-TX/10Base-T Fast Ethernet MAC is fully compliant with PCI Spec. 2.3 and IEEE802.3u. The MAC provides a direct interface to the PCI local bus and direct connection to the PHY/transceiver via MII interface. As a controller, it is bus master capable. The MAC also supports auto-negotiation function that enables it to detect speed and duplex automatically. The MAC provides the Power Management capability that is compliant with the Network Device Class Power Management Specifications Rev 1.1, ACPI Specifications Rev 2.0, and the PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specifications 1.1. In addition, it can support remote Wake-up capability to power up a remote sleeping station on the network.

The M1689 also provides the best power management solution. The M1689 incorporates ACPI support, deep green function, and 2-channel Ultra DMA-33/66/100/133 IDE bus master controller, all into one 35mmx35mm BGA (Ball Grid Array) chip.

Key Features:

Single-chip architecture Offer motherboard and OEM manufacturers design flexibility and lower development cost while improving overall system performance with the lowest latency.
AMD OpteronTM, AthlonTM 64 and SempronTM Processors Compatible with all the AMD AthlonTM 64 family processors with pin-outs at 754/940/939, offering more design flexibility and efficiency.
"Cool 'n' Quite" technology Minimize power consumption and reduce heat build up while delivering performance on demand under a noiseless system environment.
HyperTransportTM 2.0G T/S Technology I/O Link Support lightning transfer rate of 16-bit HTT downstream link and 8-bit HTT upstream link at 2.0Giga-Transfer/Sec, ensuring real-time communication with I/O peripherals.
SATA Host Controller Serial ATA provides scalable performance of up to 150MB/s data rate transfer, improving overall disk throughput performance. Requires simple installations and improve internal system airflow.
USB 2.0 Interface (1xEHCI USB 2.0 and 3xOHCI USB 1.1 Host Controllers) Support up to 8 USB Ports, providing ample connectivity to USB peripheral devices; such as digital camera, printer or external storage devices.
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) 8X Interface Delivers enhanced graphics performance with maximum bandwidth of up to 2.12GB/s. Allow users to experience realistic 3D graphics environment while playing games or watching movies.

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