What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.19

Streaming Quality Improvements

  • Streaming quality has been improved on networks with high packet loss.
  • Prevented streaming quality bars from appearing when our app falsely detects poor networks.
  • Improved game start-up-time from when you click a game in our app to when the stream starts by about 400ms. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Patching and Maintenance Mode

  • All our apps - PC, macOS, SHIELD and Android - will now display patching and maintenance status for games. These messages appear on mouse hover (on PC and macOS), when you search for games from our search box and in game details.
  • Patching status means that game is currently being updated. They’re usually available again in a few hours, though occasionally it can take longer than that.

  • Maintenance means that the game has to be taken offline and may not be available to play for several days or, in rare cases, weeks.

App Polish and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an app bug that allowed the option to +LIBRARY to be visible for games in the search bar when they were already in your library.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented some Japanese characters from working when you use them in the search bar.
  • Improved log in performance for some members who were experiencing long connection times.
  • An error  message has been added for cases where members have upgraded to Founders, but the app still thinks they have Free memberships.

Let’s Hear From You

  • Every time you share your feedback with us, an engineer gains XP. Help our engineers reach max level: Hit the exclamation icon and tell us what you think of GeForce NOW!