What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.16

GeForce NOW: GeForce Gaming, Available to All

  • We are excited to announce that our beta test period has ended, and GeForce NOW is open to everyone. Ready to get started? Read on.
  • GeForce NOW members in regions serviced by alliance partners (GFN.ru, LGU+, Softbank) will continue to experience the service as offered by those alliance partners. Look for updates from them for any service changes in their regions.

Search in More Languages

  • Our Search bar’s been studying - you can now search to find a specific game in our PC and macOS apps if it has a name in your language.
  • Want to find Fortnite? Sure, you can search for the game in English, but in South Korea the game is known as 포트나이트.  Using either name will get you into the action.
  • Even if your chosen game doesn’t have a non-English name, you can now search using keywords or genres in your local language. Give it a try!

More Game Info

  • We’ve added more info to game details
  • Want to know if your chosen game has controller support, or includes multiplayer modes? You can find that info under the game’s details.

Other Changes

  • Fit and finish improvements, designed to make browsing the app easier and faster and improve overall stability. These are little details that maybe you won’t notice, but keep our UI designers up at night. Get some sleep, guys!
  • For instance, switching between rows when expanding the game details is much more comfortable, and it’s now much harder to accidentally change the game in the evidence panel as you move your mouse across the screen.
  • Added a workaround for macOS users with Japanese 106 key keyboard layouts that are unable to type an underscore (“_”) when streaming. Please use “SHIFT + _” when streaming.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes. You may not see them, but they’ll improve overall app quality, stability, and reliability.

Let’s Hear From You

  • Share your feelings. GeForce NOW gets better every time you share your input with us. Use that exclamation icon to send feedback in the app and let us know what you think.