What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.17

Streaming Improvements for Poor Network Conditions

  • Your in-home network can mean the difference between victory and lag. This release adds optimizations to improve frame loss and latency on poor networks.  
  • If you want to optimize further, check out these tips, and make sure you meet our streaming requirements.
  • Ready to finally upgrade that router? We have a list of recommended options, optimized for GeForce NOW.

User Interface Updates for Game Store Support

  • We’ve added a new UI callout to better identify which game store a game is available on. You’ll see this now on search, our marquee (top banner area) and in the game details.
  • Search for your game and you’ll see big, beautiful text for the supported game store.
  • Want to try this out? Type in “Wolcen” into the search bar.
  • Please note we do not list all platforms yet, but we are working on it.

Game Content Ratings

  • Content ratings have been added to the game details for all games, including ESRB, PEGI, USK, GRAC and CERO systems.
  • If a game does not have an official rating from those content rating systems, we instead provide our recommended age rating.

Other Changes

  • Improved Russian translations in the Streaming Quality section of our app. Большое спасибо Данил и Денис!
  • Several minor fixes introduced for people upgrading to Founders membership when the app doesn’t think purchase was completed.
  • Miscellaneous improvements for overall app quality, stability and reliability. You go for the win, we’ll handle the details.

Let’s Hear From You

  • What’s on your mind? Your feedback fuels GeForce NOW like coffee powers our engineers. Hit the exclamation icon in the app and let us know what you think!