What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.22

Chromebook Support - NOW IN BETA!

  • Stuck on a school-supplied Chromebook? Now it’s a GeForce gaming rig. Shh. Don’t tell the principal.
  • To get started, visit http://play.geforcenow.com on your Chromebook and log in with your GeForce NOW account. Your library will be ready to play.
  • We recommend using an external mouse (Bluetooth or wired) or a gamepad. You can find more system requirements info, including tested models, here.
  • Chromebook support is currently available for NVIDIA GeForce NOW members. Stay tuned for support for members on GeForce NOW Alliance partner networks.
  • Please note this Chromebook support is not available for our Japanese or Korean members playing on our GeForce NOW Alliance partner networks.

Steam Ownership Sync

  • One of the most requested features we get  is “I’d like an easier way to see which games I own on Steam are supported on GeForce NOW.”
  • Your wish is our command! Our new app on PC and Mac adds a feature that allows you to sync games you own from your Steam library into My Library on GeForce NOW.
  • Ready to get started? Go to the GeForce NOW app > Settings > Game Sync and click the chain icon to setup sync. To use this feature, you will need to set your Steam account to public so that your owned games will sync with GeForce NOW. Follow the rest of the steps, and your games will magically appear in your My Library.
  • This feature isn’t an automatic sync, so each time you purchase a new game you will need to press the Sync button in the NVIDIA app to add it to My Library.
  • For more information on using this feature, please check out our knowledge base article.

New NVIDIA Account Login Experience

  • GeForce NOW is growing with more service providers around the world providing service. Therefore, we need to upgrade our Login service to support multiple provider logins.
  • During the transition, all users will be logged out one time. Don’t panic: This is expected, and all you need to do is log in again.
  • When you start the new login process, you will go to a website to log in. Once you are done, just come back to the app and you will be logged in.
  • Most NVIDIA GeForce NOW members that go to the website to log in just need to click the NVIDIA button (sole provider in your region). If you are using GeForce NOW through one of our Alliance Partners, select your provider on the website.

Fit and Finish

  • Every second counts.  We shaved off about two seconds from the time it takes from pressing play in our app to when streaming starts.
  • Our designers made some more small changes to the game details, which reduce the amount of scrolling needed to read about each game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the streaming window hung while streaming a game.
  • Fixed a problem where you saw an infinite spinner when browsing the Highlights gallery.
  • Fixed a problem that if you used a single character hotkey for FreeStyle, you could not use that key to log in to a game.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to read the shortcut button text in the game details because of white flash.
  • Fixed a problem where the FreeStyle filter “+” button wasn’t working with all languages set in the operating system

Whatcha Thinking?

  • Tell us about your streaming session, or what games you want to play, or how you won that last match even after your teammates dropped. We read it all, and we’re proud of you. Hit the exclamation icon and share your feedback!