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Media and Entertainment Industry Newsletter
Volume 4, Issue 1 See Previous Issues

Happy New Year!

On behalf of NVIDIA, let me thank you for making NVIDIA Quadro the overwhelming choice for content creation professionals worldwide. More than 8 out of every 10 professional graphics cards purchased is a Quadro, and we are very appreciative of your trust. And as awards season is now in full swing, we offer a special thanks and congratulations to Industrial Light & Magic for their Academy Award® in Scientific and Technical Achievement, as well as all the nominees for Oscars® for Visual Effects, which all used NVIDIA GPUs for the 5th year in a row

Not every NVIDIA customer is a major studio – in fact most of our customers are small agencies and post houses working hard every day to make their clients happy. And we want to hear from all of you. Just follow this link to be on our customer advisory panel and tell us what we can be doing to make you more creative and more productive.

And, as always, send us an email if we can be helpful in any way.

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Greg Estes
Greg Estes
GM, Media and Entertainment Industry

ILM’s Plume nominated for Oscar scientific and technical achievement

Plume runs simulation and rendering together on the NVIDIA® CUDA®. The software delivers the speed and flexibility digital effects artists need to boost their productivity.
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NVIDIA GPUs play supporting role for this year’s Oscar nominated VFX teams

Framestore, ILM, Pixomondo and WETA Digital are among the visual effects studios whose artists received Academy Award nominations for Best Visual Effects and for the fifth consecutive year, every film nominated in this category was powered by NVIDIA technology.
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Media Applications and Technologies

GPU Technology Conference 2014: Media and Entertainment Summit

Discover best practices, network with peers, and advance the industry at the second annual NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2014. Producers, visual–effects artists, post-production professionals, broadcasters, and software developers will learn GPU technology applications for broadcast, video, and film making. Register now and use code (GM20NMEN) to save 20% before the early bird deadline.
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Otoy OctaneRender adds Alembic support

OctaneRender v1.5 now supports the Alembic file format for animation import and real–time playback. In addition to a fully scriptable user interface, it introduces a time slider and seamlessly saves a scene's textures and geometry.
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Isovideo provides breakthrough repurposing of interlaced video assets to HD/UHD/4K

The Isovideo Viarte NVIDIA® CUDA®–accelerated solution allows closer viewing of de–interlaced SD (2x picture height) and HD (1.2x) on 4K screens, breathing new life into archived content.
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Get ready for GPU rendering with BOXX

GPU rendering technology significantly reduces render times. The recent launch of the BOXX GPU Edition workstation gets you rendering faster than ever, and the landscape is set to change even more with the Chaos Group V–Ray 3.0 Beta.
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Citrix special event: Virtualizing 3D Professional Graphics

XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro featuring the NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ is the only app and desktop virtualization solution that can support high–end designers and engineers, as well as viewers and editors of 3D data. It’s cost–effective and securely delivers real-time, remote collaboration. No other solution can offer the same performance, scale, and graphics compatibility. Watch the event online and Download whitepaper
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Accelerating the Performance of Graphics–Intensive VDI

Customer successes

NVIDIA and PNY fuel AccuWeather broadcast graphics system solutions

See how the AccuWeather Storyteller Interactive Touchscreen system leverages NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics cards and PNY to create truly compelling multimedia news broadcasts. It’s a powerful solution for delivering lightning–fast graphics, live video, and real–time social media to all 10 major US broadcast markets.
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New York’s WorleyWorks kick–starts East Coast productions with SGO Mistika

Discover how 2D/3D post stereoscopic production and Mocap Studio, WorleyWorks, LLC., became the first East Coast company to invest in a Mistika 4K System, accelerated by NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs for real–time editing, grading, and compositing.
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Editors Retreat 2014

The Editors Retreat is an annual gathering of the post–production elite. Highly experienced film, TV, and video editors come together to network, exchange ideas, and have fun. For five days and four nights, the Editors Retreat offers advanced sessions on post, visual, and audio techniques where attendees gain valuable insight into emerging trends and technologies.
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When: February 26 – March 2
Where: Savannah, GA.
Register now and get a 10% discount. Use code NVD14.

AEAF Awards 2014

Entries are now being accepted for the 18th international Australian Effects and Animation Festival (AEAF) Awards. The AEAF Awards competition promotes and rewards excellence in 12 categories, including creative and technical excellence in VFX and animation for screened projects. Winning entries will be shown at a screening on July 9, 2014, and in the AEAF Online Festival.
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SMPTE San Francisco Chapter meeting

Thomas True, Senior Applied Engineer for Professional Video and Image Processing at NVDIA, will speak on the use of GPUs in Media and Entertainment at the next meeting of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), San Francisco Chapter.
When: February 27, 7 pm
Where: Building 9, Cisco Systems
260 East Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA


HPA Tech Retreat

The HPA Tech Retreat is an informal gathering of top engineering, technical, and creative talent, as well as strategic business leaders in digital–cinema, post–production, film, television, video, and related technologies. NVIDIA and partner GPL Technologies will demonstrate how NVIDIA GRID™ VCA–our HPA Engineering Excellence Award–winning technology–improves efficiency and productivity and streamlines the workflow for post–production.
When: Feb 17-21
Where: Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, CA
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REDucation: Real–world training for real–world working professionals

Get hands–on instruction of RED ONE, EPIC, and SCARLET camera systems. Upcoming classes include:
New York, January 2 -23
Los Angeles, February 24-28
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