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January, 1999
NVIDIA announces initial public offering of 3.5 million shares of common stock.

Intel Pentium 3

February, 1999
NVIDIA sweeps 100% of major PC OEMs Intel® Pentium® III design wins for Spring '99.

PC Gamer Awards

February, 1999
NVIDIA(TM) Corporation earns the Special Achievement in Hardware award in PC Gamer's Fifth Annual PC Gamer Awards.


November, 1999
NVIDIA launches the NVIDIA Vanta™ processor, enters commercial desktop PC market.

Riva TNT2

May, 1999
NVIDIA launches RIVA TNT2, the first 32-bit frame buffer.

May, 1999
NVIDIA ships its ten millionth graphics processor.

Ernst & Young LLP

June, 1999
NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is honored by Ernst & Young LLP as the Entrepreneur of the Year in High Technology.


July, 1999
NVIDIA and SGI form strategic alliance.

GeForce 256™

August, 1999
NVIDIA launches GeForce 256™, the industry's first graphics processing unit (GPU).


August, 1999
NVIDIA and ALI introduce integrated graphics technology.


November, 1999
NVIDIA launches Quadro™, the world's first workstation GPU.