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Tegra K1 - the universe's most advanced mobile processor

The universe's most advanced mobile processor has arrived. It's an otherworldly combination of 192 supercomputer-class GPU cores, incredible graphics horsepower, and extraordinary power efficiency. And it's redefining where mobile processing can take us.


Tegra K1 is built on the same NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture that drives the world's most extreme gaming PCs and the fastest supercomputer in the United States. This is the first-ever console-class mobile technology, giving you full support for PC-class gaming technologies like DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.4, and Tessellation—all in the palm of your hands. Plus, it's the first mobile processor to run Unreal Engine 4, Epic's latest game engine for powering next-gen games.

The Tegra K1 mobile processor and the world's fastest supercomputer are powered  with NVIDIA Kepler architecture.

Tegra K1 is the only mobile processor that supports the NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming language.



Tegra K1 is the only mobile GPU to support NVIDIA CUDA®, the industry's most innovative GPU computing language. This means you can expect more immersive mobile experiences, from facial recognition and augmented reality, to automotive applications like obstacle recognition and customized heads-up displays. There's almost no limit to where it can take you.



For the first time ever, you can experience extraordinary GPU-accelerated performance without sacrificing power consumption. Game, browse, watch, and create with the blazing performance of the universe's most advanced—and greenest—mobile architecture.

The Tegra K1 is power efficient and provides the greenest mobile architecture in existence.

Impossibly advanced mobile processing has landed. Find out how and why we made one of the most advanced crop circles to introduce Tegra K1.