GDC 2020


Come join us at GDC 2020 to see all the latest breakthroughs in gaming—and beyond. See how NVIDIA RTX™ technology fuses AI and real-time ray tracing to deliver powerful performance and stunning visuals that redefine gaming. We’ll share the latest successes and announcements and equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform your games.

Explore a wide range of booth demos (#S649) and  sponsored sessions located in the South Hall at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Come meet some of the NVIDIA technical experts behind the latest graphics research and technology developments.


Experience ray tracing firsthand with our latest interactive demos. Learn about the new RTX technology that uses the power of deep learning to train the GPU to render crisp images while running 2X faster than previous-generation GPUs. And connect with our experts for more insights and information. We’ll also be featuring the latest in tools and NVIDIA GameWorks™ technologies. See how ray tracing can make a huge difference in a wide range of games—from AAA to indie.


We’re presenting the “Introduction to DirectX Ray Tracing” at GDC 2020. Similar to last year’s courses at GDC and SIGGRAPH, this three-hour tutorial session covers the basics of getting started with ray tracing and has been updated to include recent experiences integrating DirectX in production games. Register now for this Tuesday afternoon session and get the knowledge you need to add DirectX ray tracing to your engine and production pipeline.


We’ll be hosting 18 sponsored sessions at GDC with topics ranging from the RTX vision and roadmap to ray-tracing use cases. Get guidance from teams who have been leading the ray tracing revolution, including Machine Games, Microsoft, KeokeN Interactive, Infinity ward, and Saber Interactive. Also connect with NVIDIA engineers, who will be on-hand to explain the current and future state-of-the-art in rendering. To see the full schedule of NVIDIA talks, visit here.


With the release of the NVIDIA RTX series of GPUs, real-time ray tracing has finally become accessible to game developers, content creators, and consumers. It’s a technology that will forever change graphics processing. To help developers navigate this new technology, a wide-ranging book on the topic is being published early this year: Ray Tracing Gems. This is the work of more than 60 contributors, all experts in the field of ray tracing. Their articles cover techniques that are not often discussed in general texts, but are important for high-quality results. Find it at the GDC Book Store or online at Amazon or Apress.

Can’t Make it to GDC 2020?

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