GDC 2020


We were excited to participate in GDC 2020, but agree with and support the show’s decision. The health and safety of our employees and all other GDC attendees is a priority. We look forward to participating in GDC 2021!

We had some amazing content in the pipeline for GDC and still plan on sharing this with you. We’re working on digital versions of our sponsored sessions which we will be making available shortly. Check back in the next few days for more details.


With the release of the NVIDIA RTX series of GPUs, real-time ray tracing has finally become accessible to game developers, content creators, and consumers. It’s a technology that will forever change graphics processing. To help developers navigate this new technology, a wide-ranging book on the topic is being published early this year: Ray Tracing Gems. This is the work of more than 60 contributors, all experts in the field of ray tracing. Their articles cover techniques that are not often discussed in general texts, but are important for high-quality results. Find it at the GDC Book Store or online at Amazon or Apress.

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