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About Our Foundation

Empowering NVIDIANs to Give Back

Our employees share a passion for supporting the communities in which we live and do business. Through our Inspire 365 initiative, the NVIDIA Foundation helps turn this passion for giving into action. Our aim is to empower all NVIDIANs to get involved in their communities. Inspire 365 makes it easy.

It’s great to be part of a company where giving back is such a focus. 

— Rick G., Automotive Marketing Manager

Making a World of Difference

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Inspire 365

Through matching gifts, flexible time off to volunteer, and a variety of activities and tools, employees can contribute where, when, and how they choose. Our collective, year-round efforts allow us to help those in need and strengthen communities around the globe.

Matching Gifts

We amplify personal donations of time and money, up to $10,000 per year.

Skills for Impact

We connect employees with volunteer opportunities that incorporate their professional skills, including short-term consulting events and nonprofit board service.

New-Hire Grants

We welcome new employees with a $25 gift to donate to a charity of their choice and immediately connect them to our broader giving programs.

Champion-Led Activities

We engage Inspire Champions in our offices around the world to organize fundraising and volunteer events that are aligned with the interests of onsite NVIDIANs and the needs of their local communities.


We inspire simple acts of good through company-wide challenges across a variety of themes, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and health and wellness.

Team-Building Events

We partner with managers and NVIDIA Community Resource Groups to plan events for groups of up to 300 people that strengthen working relationships while giving back to the community.

Tutoring and Mentoring

We offer opportunities for NVIDIANs to donate their time and expertise to help kids succeed in subjects like reading, math, and science. We also promote introducing underserved or underrepresented students to AI.

Disaster and Crisis Response

We encourage employees to contribute when a disaster or crisis catastrophe occurs, and we amplify their donations through matching gifts.

Foundation Annual Report

See how we’re making a difference.