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Humanity and Innovation

See how NVIDIA and our employees are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Progress

Environmental and social responsibility are integral to our continued success.

Our People

NVIDIA strives to create a culture that recognizes the unique contributions of all employees.

Our Community

Our work—and our people—are transforming communities around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility at NVIDIA

NVIDIA continuously looks for innovative ways to improve lives with technology. And we’re committed to championing that mission in a socially responsible way that helps us all live safer, longer, and better.


Modeling the future of medicine with 3D imaging to fight disease. Giving a voice to everything we see—and feel. Delivering faster, better healthcare when every second counts. AI is transforming how we move forward in countless aspects of our lives.


Companies Behind the I am Ai Video

Learn more about just a few of the innovative companies in the I AM AI video that are using deep learning to provide deep social impact.

Voiceitt is a powerful speech recognition technology


Voiceitt, an NVIDIA Inception awards finalist, is a Tel Aviv-based startup using deep learning to create powerful speech recognition technology. It’s designed to understand speech impairments, disorders, and disabilities, and build deeper human connection and more inclusive and accessible communities. healthcare startup is helping patients get to the right doctor, faster. is one of nearly 900 healthcare startups tackling challenges now possible with deep learning. Its technology synchronizes stroke care, reducing systemic delays that stand between patients and life-saving treatments, resulting in the right patient seeing the right doctor at the right time. 

Kiwibot robots are used in last-mile delivery


Kiwibot has created a small autonomous robot that provides last-mile deliveries seven days a week. Using an NVIDIA-powered neural network, Kiwibots can seamlessly mesh into the fabric of urban landscapes, delivering groceries as well as hand sanitizer, face masks, and other important supplies during the COVID crisis.

Tackling Climate Change

NVIDIA will utilize 65% renewable energy by FY2025 and it'll be sourced globally


NVIDIA will source 65% renewable energy globally by 2025

NVIDIA GPUs are 20 to 25% more efficient than CPU servers


NVIDIA GPUs are 20 to 25X more efficient than CPU servers for AI workloads.

NVIDIA GPUs have 1/25th the footprint of traditional hyperscale data centers.


NVIDIA GPUs have 1/25th the footprint of traditional hyperscale data centers.


AI will infuse intelligence into untold numbers of computing devices, affecting every industry and bringing improved health, safety, and productivity to people globally. Hear from NVIDIA employees why they’re excited about an AI future.


AI and the Future

Harnessing AI to address some of our biggest challenges. (2:43)



Transforming healthcare from detection to diagnosis to treatment. (2:35)


Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous driving will dramatically change the future of transportation. (2:38)



Accelerating automation across industries for a safer, smarter world. (2.41)