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What Are AI Workflows?

AI workflows are cloud-native, packaged reference examples that illustrate how NVIDIA AI frameworks can be leveraged to build innovative new solutions. With pretrained models, training and inference pipelines, Jupyter Notebooks, and Helm charts, these workflows accelerate the path to delivering better AI outcomes. 

Learn how AI workflows can reduce the cost of developing and deploying AI solutions.

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The Benefits of AI Workflows

Reduce Development and Deployment Time

Best-in-class AI software streamlines development and deployment of AI solutions.

Improve Accuracy and Performance

Frameworks and containers are performance-tuned and tested for NVIDIA GPUs.

Gain Confidence in AI Outcomes

Move from pilot to production with the assurance of security, API stability and support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NVIDIA AI Workflows

AI Chatbot With Retrieval-Augmented Generation

Build chatbots that can accurately answer domain-specific questions in natural language using the latest information.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Engage customers with contact center assistance 24/7.

Audio Transcription

Enhance customer service with world-class, accurate speech-to-text.

Security Vulnerability Analysis

Analyze CVE risk in seconds versus hours or days with retrieval-augmented generation (RAG).

Spear Phishing Detection

Use generative AI to improve the detection of spear phishing emails.

Cybersecurity Insider Threat Detection

Implement digital fingerprinting for every user and detect anomalies at a massive scale.

Route Optimization

Address the vehicle-routing problem and optimize for cost, time, and dynamic constraints.

Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

Prevent shrinkage and theft at the point of sale.

Retail Store Analytics

Retail Store Analytics

Gain actionable store insights with advanced video analytics for retail.

Multi-Camera Tracking

Multi-Camera Tracking

Track the customer journey across multiple cameras throughout the store.

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