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Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives cars the power to see, think, and learn, so they can navigate a nearly infinite range of possible driving scenarios. NVIDIA AI platforms deliver a powerful cloud-to-car solution, from NVIDIA DGX systems for training deep neural networks in the data center to NVIDIA DRIVE solutions that enables real-time, low-latency inferencing in the car for safer driving. NVIDIA also partners with leading automakers like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, and Tesla to revolutionize how people drive—and empower vehicles to drive themselves.


The world’s first functionally safe AI self-driving platform. Learn More >

Drive For Developers

Resources for developing autonomous applications on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. Learn More >

Intelligent Experience

The NVIDIA DRIVE IX software development kit enables AI assistants for both drivers and passengers. Learn More >


The fastest path to deep learning, accelerating AI implementation and insights. Learn More >


Working together to accelerate the future of autonomous driving. Learn More >


All the latest updates and stories shaping self-driving vehicles. Learn More >


Daimler, Bosch and NVIDIA have joined forces to bring fully automated and driverless vehicles to city streets, and the effects will be felt far beyond the way we drive. Learn More >

NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier impresses experts not only with its cutting edge processing technology, but also with its standards for safety. Learn More >

New NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation datacenter solution integrates NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus, runs DRIVE Sim software for extensive testing and validation of self-driving cars. Learn More >

Using NVIDIA DRIVE and VR technology, an NVIDIA employee was able to experience driving in a whole new virtual world, in real time. Learn More >

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