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GauGAN2 AI Art Tool Demo

AI Demo

Paint Me a Picture: GauGAN2 AI Art Tool

From amateur doodlers to leading digital artists, creators are coming out in droves to produce masterpieces with GauGAN2.

AI’s Most Creative Minds at GTC


Get Inspired by AI’s Most Creative Minds at GTC

GTC offers a wide range of content designed to inspire, instruct, and introduce artists to AI. Don't miss our newest AI Art Gallery artists talking about AI through personal experiences, as well as a live lyric-writing workshop. And top speakers will get your creative juices flowing as you dive into how AI and creativity are interlinked.

Download the GANVerse3D Extension

AI in Omniverse

GANverse3D - Image2Car Extension in Omniverse Create

GANverse3D - Image2Car is now available as an extension in the NVIDIA Omniverse AI Toy Box for researchers and creators to experiment within Omniverse Create.

The extension accelerates 3D model workflows and gives new capabilities to individuals with no 3D modeling abilities.

Create Your Retroverse

AI in Omniverse


Use any 3D app or workflow with Omniverse Create to render a scene inspired by your humble beginnings in computer graphics or gaming.

See How Lunar Ring’s Human-Machine Interactions Inspire Festival-Goers

AI in Art

See How Lunar Ring’s Human-Machine Interactions Inspire Festival-Goers

The art exhibit, Augenblick by Lunar Ring, hosted a variety of artistic performances—some planned, some spontaneous. Watch and learn how this emergent creativity came to life at the Silbersalz Festival in Moritzburghof Halle, Germany.


AI Demo

Try Writing Song Lyrics with a Little Help from AI and LyricStudio

Ready to discover the lyrics for your next hit song or need a few more lines to complete a favorite poem? See how AI can help you do just that.

Maya Ackerman on AI-Based Writing Assistant

AI in Music

LyricStudio’s Maya Ackerman Shares Her Tool for an Enjoyable Songwriting Experience

Like Lennon-McCartney or Ashford & Simpson, the works of many great songwriters come from collaboration. Visit the AI Art Gallery to learn how AI can be a powerful creative partner for composition and songwriting—inspiration that’s uniquely guided by the artist.

Pindar Van Arman Talks About Robotic Creativity

AI in Art

Pindar Van Arman Talks About Robotic Creativity with the Help of Human Artists

While Pindar's robots are creating original artwork using deep neural networks and feedback loops, the artist is always part of the creative process. Hear how he’s always guiding—and being inspired by—his creative robots.

Ana DuCristea Used AI to Stay on Track

Creative AI

Bring Your Ideas. Kaolin 3D Deep Learning is Here!

NVIDIA Kaolin is a collection of tools within the NVIDIA Omniverse simulation and collaboration platform that allows researchers to visualize and generate datasets, move between 3D tools, and retain basic functions for other users.Hear from four NVIDIANs about their work on the Kaolin platform in this podcast.

Play with AI

See NVIDIA AI Research in action in these fun, intriguing, and artful projects. And you don’t need to know how to code to use these demos.

Play with AI
The Best of Global AI Art

The Best in AI Art from Around the Globe

Discover the beauty, energy, and insight of AI creations in visual art, music, and poetry.

NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery

See what the community has #MadeInOmniverse and get inspired for your next creation in the metaverse.

The NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery

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